The Telugu Guy behind Ananth Ambani Slim Look

The Telugu Guy behind Ananth Ambani Slim Look

Once a fat boy Ananth Ambani is now a role model for those who want to shed kilos and get down the weight number down from three digits. Now another guy is getting equally famous with Ananth Ambani and he is Vinod Channa, the personal fitness trainer of Ananth.

Vinod Channa is a famous person in Bollywood fraternity who actually is a Mumbai settled Telugu native. Many stars like John Abraham to Shilpa Shetty were trained by him in fitness and there are lot more celebrities who stay fit with the help of him.

He is the trainer who could bring down 180 kilos weight of Ananth Ambani to 108 kilos in just a span of eighteen months. Ananth gained weight in his childhood due to the medicines used to control Aasthma and had to concentrate on weight reduction as doctors suggested to avoid probable health issues due to overweight.

Vinod set a diet process to Ananth initially like more proteins, fiber and less carbos, so that Ananth's body can get only 1200 to 1400 calories each day. Along with that Ananth started getting used to resistance training, Yoga, Medicine ball workouts, balance training and TRX band training. Neeta Ambani helped Ananth in cutting his weight down.

Vinod has grown to a stage to train Ambani's son from a stage where couldn't afford to have milk atleast one time a day. Vinod struggled during his college days to become fit and later he shined to become Mr Gurgaon, Me Maharashtra runner-up and later turned a professional trainer degree from K11 academy. He is running a multi chain fitness centers, VC fitness.