'Threat to our lives from HM Sabita's Son'

'Threat to our lives from HM Sabita's Son'

The owner (Moinuddin) and the developer (Jayaprakash Chowdary) of a land at Madinaguda in Miyapur has met DGP V Dinesh Reddy on Wednesday and complained that there is threat to their lives from Home Minister's son Karthik Reddy and his associates.

On Tuesday, both Moinuddin and Jayaprakash Chowdary filed a complaint against their opponents for demolishing a building in that land using an earth mover. But they hardly expected that Home Minister's son is behind their opponents. As they came to know about the involvement of Karthik Reddy now, they are fearing threat to their lives.

The dispute is between two parties over a land of 1.08 acre. The case is still pending in the court. Meanwhile, Moinuddin's opponents have come with a group of nearly 30 people and demolished the building in the area.

Cyberabad police commissioner Tirumala Rao has said that they have identified the accused and assured that stern action will be taken against them. Meanwhile, he suspended CI Bheem Reddy and SI Ramulu for co-operating with Moinuddin's opponents, when the issue was brought to their notice. About four teams were on the job to nab the accused.

Sources say, Karthik Reddy might escape as his name was not mentioned by the complainant in the FIR report.

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