Upasana's Tough Task To Charan

Upasana's Tough Task To Charan

Ram Charan and Upasna are undergoing a special therapy. The duo is on 'digital detox' which means that they won't be using any digital gadgets during this period. Neither electronics nor any digital appliances would be used.

It's a special therapy which was introduced to Ram Charan by his wife Upasna. Once in every year, the couple would undergo this therapy during which Charan is not available to anyone on phone or any other electronic means. Charan is not allowed to use digital gadgets.

Since Charan is busy with shooting schedules, it's very tough for him to undergo this therapy but he is doing this for wife Upasna. Upasna is very health conscious and given that she comes from medical family, she takes care of Charan's diet and fitness regime.

Upasna is presently helming Apollo Life Studio besides being editor for B Positive magazine.

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