Live Updates: Pawan Kalyan Pressmeet

Live Updates: Pawan Kalyan Pressmeet

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- Deeply upset with the violence during the Kapu agitation in Tuni yesterday. There is no doubt in saying that anti-social elements were involved in the riot.

- Protesters should carry out their agitation in a peaceful manner without causing public life to a halt.

- Chandrababu government should have acted swiftly towards its poll promise of BC reservation for Kapus.

- Why did the government ignore the Kapu leaders appeals regarding their demands? This violence could have been averted had the government and police forces were prepared to face such a huge protest in which thousands were talking part.

- Kapu reservation demand has been in existence since the British rule. Government should address the situation promptly. It should clearly inform the leaders of its helplessness is it can't give reservations. Please do not delay in reacting to the demand since it will cause severe public unrest.

- I believe in BR Ambedkar's constitution model.

- Kapus are strongly feeling that they are being exploited by the political parties.

- Government failed grossly in creating the trust factor among the agitating Kapus.

- Leaders should refrain themselves from making instigating remarks in sensitive situations.

- Reservations cannot be granted in a single day. A committee has to be formed to chalk out the possibilities.

Constitutional amendment has to made to facilitate reservations.

I am not and will never fight for any single community.

Justice has to be made for Kapus without causing injustice to other BC communities.

- I am not a representative of the government or a community.

- I fight for the welfare of the entire system.

-  I don't fight for any caste or community. I fight for the national integration.

- I am deeply upset by Rohith Vemula's suicide.

- It's a fact that communal bias exists in universities and educational institutions.

- Rohith's suicide was limited to HCU. Political parties exploited this sensitive issue. I didn't want to be part of this political game on a student's death and chose to regain silent.

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