Angry NRIs Launch Website

Angry NRIs Launch Website

When he first visited America last year, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi was hailed by NRIs and foreign media. However, here's an unexpected shock to the Indian PM. Just a week before Modi's US visit to promote his Digital India initiative in Silicon Valley on 26th and 27th September, a large coalition of angry Indian-Americans decided to carryout protests against him, holding him 'responsible for both past and present atrocities on the human rights of Indian communities'.

Already, the Indian-Americans and NRIs started a massive online campaign by trending the #Modifaildotcom hashtag. Taking their protests to the next level, they have launched the website, Through this portal, the protesters aim to propagate Modi's failure in supporting the NRIs and failing to control the atrocities against Dalits, women and minorities.

Accusing Modi of abusing human rights and instigating religious fascism in educational and cultural institutions across the country, the protestors have decided to counter Modi and question his vision during his San Jose meet on 27th, in which Modi will be addressing more than 18,000 guests. However, it is still unclear if there are any political motives behind these massive protests.

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