Starbucks Shocker: Spycam Found In Ladies' Restroom

Starbucks Shocker: Spycam Found In Ladies' Restroom

In a shocking revelation, the world famous coffee shop Starbucks has found itself in the wrong side of the law. A 5 year old young boy has found a hidden mobile phone camera strategically placed under the sink inside a ladies washroom at the popular coffee shop chain's Lancaster, California outlet last week.

April Jenkins, the mother of the boy complained that her 5 year old son used the restaurant's women's washroom and when she entered the room after her son, she found him staring at the cell phone. The surprised boy asked, 'Mommy, why is there a phone under there?' April Jenkins reportedly said that she was disgusted looking at the cell phone which was in video recording mode.

Stating that the cell phone is a complete violation of privacy not only of hers but also her son's, April alerted the police authorities, who are inspecting the case. The cops have confirmed that the mobile phone was recording video but they are unsure where it is sending the videos. As per the court's order, the police will verify to whom the mobile belongs to.

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