Jagan In Jerusalem, Heart In Lotus Pond

Jagan In Jerusalem, Heart In Lotus Pond

In the times when both the Telugu states are at loggerheads in the cash for vote scandal, the YSRCP President and the leader of opposition in the AP Assembly, YS Jagan, is on a 15 day family tour to the sacred land of Jerusalem. While Jagan is busy touring the holy land, his heart seems to be stuck in Lotus Pond. Reports say that Jagan is constantly in touch with prominent leaders of his party via Skype ever since he left for Jerusalem on the 13th. The YSRCP leader will return to India on 28th June.

As per the reports, Jagan is frequently inquiring the party's senior leaders like Botsa Satyanarayana and Vijaya Sai Reddy about the developments in the cash for vote scandal and other prominent issues in the Telugu states. Apparently, Jagan also told his party men to counter the allegations of the TDP-YSRCP friendship, following his foreign tour in a crunchy political situation.

Jagan also reportedly asked the senior leaders to gather at the Lotus Pond everyday to discuss the latest happenings. He also directed Vijaya Sai Reddy to pacify senior party leader Sujaya Krishna, who is upset over Botsa joining YSRCP. On the other hand, several party leaders are reportedly not happy with Jagan's absence in the crucial time of cash for vote scandal and the upcoming MLC polls, in which YSRCP can counter attack TDP and gain advantage.

Meanwhile, Jagan also filed a petition in court from Jerusalem to grant him permission to go to Bangalore and spend time with his sister, brother in law and their children. The hearing in this regard has been postponed to 29th June. It is well known that Jagan's appeal to the court to permit him from touring Bangalore has been rejected in December last year.

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