'This Is Not Your Idupulapaya or Lotus Pond'

'This Is Not Your Idupulapaya or Lotus Pond'

The accusations and the responses at the assembly of Andhra Pradesh have taken a serious turn now with the opposition party surrounding the speaker for every minor and major issue. The scenes have turned ugly on Tuesday when YSR Congress members started their protests against the government and stopped CM from speaking.

Chandrababu Naidu was seen fuming in anger and has even lost his control at one point of time. He has asked his party members not to retort to the slogans of YSR CP. But with the situation getting out of his control, CM has made some severe comments.

"This is absolutely a bad way to behave in assembly and it will send wrong signals to the public. I'm requesting the opposition party members to hide their helplessness and stay calm. It's not fun anymore and I will put an end to your dramas very soon. Don't dare to play your cheap tricks and divert the topics. This is not your Lotus Pond or Idupulapaya to have fun," said Chandra Babu Naidu.

Many of the members in the house were shocked to see Naidu's reaction today and they requested the CM to take some stringent measures and see that the house runs without any interruptions.

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