Jagan's BP Is 250 crs, LP Is 100 Crs?

Jagan's BP Is 250 crs, LP Is 100 Crs?

On Monday, the assembly of Andhra Pradesh had been a witness to another series of accusations by the ruling and opposition parties. It all started when Jagan asked a better clarification regarding the problems in Housing scheme and its implementation. Immediately, TDP's Ravela Kishore has responded in an aggressive way and has accused Jagan of being the main person behind the previous government's Indiramma Housing Scam.

"This opposition party leader [Jagan] is the main partner of crime in housing scam. He has built a 250-crore-worth palace in Bangalore and another 100-crore-worth house in Lotus Pond. With such a huge amount, we can easily provide housing for more than a lakh of poor families. We will take over the corrupted amount of his and distribute it to the poor very soon," said the minister.

In answer to the accusations, Jagan said that the government is trying to divert the issue of contract workers and village officers by dragging his personal assets into this. Jagan has also raised the issue of arrests done near assembly earlier in the morning. Home Minister China Rajappa has given a clarity regarding the same by stating that they are just implementing the already laid laws!

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