"Pulivendula Puli is Predator"

Anakapalli sitting MP and Jai Samaikyandhra Party Vizag MP candidate Sabbam Hari has lashed out at Jagan Reddy and his mother Vijayamma who is contesting from Vizag Lok Sabha seat.

Sabbam Hari said, "YSRC is campaigning that Pulivendula Puli (Tiger) is coming. Tiger is Tiger where it is and it is the most cruel animal and predator which makes a living by preying on others. Jagan Reddy is no different to it. Jagan is going to loot public exchequer. His main target is to grab Lakh of crores and natural resources located in Visakhapatnam and other coastal regions. That's why Jagan has fielded his mother Vijayamma from Vizag Parliament seat."

"Jagan has amassed crores of money when his father was CM. Now after bifurcation, Jagan wants to loot natural resources that is going to affect next generations for a long term. Jagan is a big threat to democracy. If Vijayamma wins from Vizag, the city will be destroyed by her son," Sabbam added.

Given that Sabbam Hari is former member of YSR Congress, he knows even the minute details about Jagan's mentality and his corruption. With none other than Sabbam Hari opening up, it is once again clear that Jagan has his own plans to "loot" Seemandhra.