KCR sees Mamata as next PM

KCR sees Mamata as next PM

TRS chief K. Chandrasekhar Rao seems to have made up his mind to stay away from Congress led UPA and  BJP led NDA . He is more curious to join hands with West Bengal Chief minister  Mamata Banerjee who recently floated the idea of forming "Federal Front," an alternative to Congress and BJP at centre in 2004 elections.

It is learnt that KCR telephoned Banerjee and congratulated her for taking initiative in forming an alternative to Congress and BJP at centre. He told her that his party will support the front and his readiness to  join hands in forming non- Congress and non- BJP government at centre after 2014 election.

To strengthen relations with Banerjee, KCR asked the party's new Secretary General K Keshava Rao to be in touch with the WB CM regularly. Rao was given responsibility to convince Banerjee on the contentious Telangana issue.    

KCR said  'we will align with any Front at the Centre if they agree to the creation of Telangana state with Hyderabad as its capital.' KCR saw the TRS will play a key role in the formation of the next government in Delhi.

'Please don't underestimate our party and our strength. We will play a crucial role at the Centre. With the majority of Lok Sabha seats bagged by us from the state, no political front can dare to ignore us,' he asserted.

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