Lady Director upset over Censor Board

Lady Director upset over Censor Board

Lady director Nandini Reddy is apparently upset over regional Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) as her upcoming film 'Jabardasth', which is slated for release on Friday, is a 'victim' of the Censor Board. She in fact lashed out at Censor Board by hinting them to release a text book on do's and don'ts for filmmakers.

Starring Siddharth and Samantha in the lead roles, the movie is said to be a comic caper. According to reports, the words 'Allah Allah' from a song in the film have been changed to 'Halla Gulla' because the CBFC felt it could hurt the sentiments of the Muslim community. This is perhaps the reason for Nandini's upset over Censor Board.

Nandini suggests, 'I feel the censor board should hand over a textbook to all filmmakers on do's and don'ts of filmmaking.'

She rued, 'They didn't have an issue with the song but for the two words ('Allah Allah'). According to a very senior professor of Islamic study from Osmania University, one can't dance to a song which has the word 'Allah' in it. The same board, however, didn't have a problem with Hindi songs such as 'Mashallah' and 'Allah duhai hai'.'

Yet Nandini gave in - only because she was running out of time. 'Usually films get censored a week before the release of the film. I didn't want to give up, but we were cornered and they refused to accept. I was running out of time and there was a lot of financial pressure on me and therefore I succumbed to it,' she said.

Nandini feels her freedom of creativity is in danger. 'Hereafter, I would hesitate to even think of having an Islamic character in my film. Since the board also has issues with words such as 'corrupt' politicians and judges, I wouldn't even think of making a film against a political backdrop. Nandini cries that filmmakers are becoming soft targets of the CBFC which is pushing back cinema to 'dark ages'.

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