O Pitta Katha Review

2 hrs 08 m | Thriller, Roman | 2020-03-06

Sanjay Rao, Vishwanth, Nithya Shetty, Brahmaji and Others

Director - Chendu Muddu
Producer - Anand Prasad
Banner - Bhavya Creations
Music - Praveen Lakkaraju

O Pitta Katha has been making a lot of buzz on social media, thanks to Brahmaji, who has gone all out in promoting this film, which marks the actong debut of his son Sanjay.

What's It About?

Venkata Lakshmi (Nithya) is gone missing in Araku and her cousin Krish (Vishwanth) lodges a missing complaint. He accuses Prabhu (Sanjay) of this crime, but Police finds a video where Krish is seen killing Venkata Lakshmi. But did he? What has Prabhu got to do in this whole scenario?


One would expect Sanjay to be a born actor given the versatility of his father Brahmani. But Sanjay comes up with an ordinary performance and really couldn't do justice to his complex character. Viswant has some experience as an actor, but he too appeared bland in this one. Nitya is strictly okay as the female lead. Brahmaji plays a sorry character of a police.


Young director Chendu has written an interesting story, but fails to write an engaging screenplay. There are many twists and turns in the screenplay that can be seen from a mile away. Amateurish handling of scenes and poor screenplay make a mess of an interesting premise. Music is very average and there's nothing to rave about the camera work or other technical aspects. Production values are pretty ordinary.

Thumbs Up:

Interesting Plot

A Few Twists

Thumbs Down:

Poor Screenplay

Amateurish Direction

Weak Performances


O Pitta Katha might have sounded very promising on paper. It does have interesting setup and shady characters that could have turned out exciting with an engaging screenplay and better execution. Poor making values also are the reason why this film doesn't click despite a couple of unpredictable twists.

A film like this will click only when everything falls into place. But there are so many things that have gone wrong for O Pitta Katha right from the amateurish handling of it's plot to lackluster performances from it's leading actors. Director should have maintained the suspense mood without going for unnecessary and annoying humor. The so called comedy character keeps on disturbing the viewing experience and also disturbs the flow of story as well.

There are far too many logical errors in the screenplay that are hard to be overlooked. Some secrets are out in the open right from the beginning and the director hopes that they would pay off by the end. There is potential in this story to become a fine thriller, but the weak writing and mediocre performances never let it do justice to its promising premise.

Verdict:  Short, But Not Sweet!