Chusi Chudangane Movie Review

| Romance - Drama | 2020-02-01

Shiva Kandukuri, Varsha Bollamma, Malavika, Srinivas Avasarala and Others

Director - Sesha Sindhu Rao
Producer - Raj Kandukuri
Banner - Dharmapatha Creations
Music - Gopi Sundar

We expect the film directed by a female director to be high on emotions and have nice sensibilities. Chusi Chudangane indeed looks like a film directed by a female. But there are some issues with it. Let's analyze the film.

What is it about?

Siddhu (Shiva) wants to become a photographer, but he is pushed by his parents to pursue mechanical engineering. He falls in love with one of his college mates Aishwarya (Malavika), who dumps him after sometime. Heartbroken Siddhu gives up studies and starts to click photos at weddings. He falls in love with Shruti (Varsha) in first sight. As he tries to impress her we get to know that Shruti was already in love with Siddhu from a long time.


Shiva Kandukuri is apt as the boy next door. However, he needs to sharpen his skills as an actor. He looked confident in the confrontation scenes with the female leads, but couldn't emote well in emotional scenes. Varsha Bollamma is a fine actress. She carries the film from the moment she enters the scene. Malavika is alright. Srinivas Avasarala played a cameo. Venkat is good as hero's close buddy. Pavitra Lokesh's character is criminally underdeveloped.


Sesha Sindhu Rao has some ideas in mind but they didn't turn out as expected. She wanted to present the film like classic Hollywood romance comedies, but her inexperience showed up. There are a couple of good moments here and there, but on a whole the movie is a gigantic mess with disjointed scenes and forced emotions.

Music by Gopi Sundar is good. The soundtrack filled with soulful melodies is a relief. Background score is effective. Cinematography is strictly average. The film is made on a very limited budget which is evident in its production design. Dialogues are pointless in the name of being casual. Editing is adequate.

Thumbs Up:

A couple of songs
Varsha Bollamma's performance

Thumbs Down:

Confused narration
Forced emotions
Aimless direction


Sesha Sindhu Rao is aware of the fact that her story is wafer thin. Hence, she brought so many elements to the table that are completely unnecessary for this plot. A few things are addressed and left alone and a few things are ignored midway. The film starts off with parents forcing their kid to pursue something that he is not interested in. This point is used for the introduction of the lead character so that youngsters would identify themselves in him. This point has no role to play in the main plot. The protagonist drops out of college and does something he loves to. We don't even see a protest scene from the parents.

However, this point is used during the pre climax sequences as the protagonist blames his mother for nothing. Director wants to convey something through this thread, but it got lost in the middle of many confusing that happens in the middle. First half is full of random scenes where we see a brooding romance between the lead pair. She breaking up with him doesn't make sense until the real reason is revealed later. The best part of the film comes post intermission when we get to know Shruti's story. Most of the random scenes in the first half make sense after watching the other side of the story. However, the fun doesn't last long enough as the story shifts to present in no time.

Director totally lost command over what she is doing from this point. The story is dragged with some senseless stuff that appears kiddish. Whole Virat Kohli episode is totally out of place and spoils the mood. Anybody can easily predict what's in store from that point and the director unnecessarily delays it with some forced emotions. Surprisingly, the runtime of Choosi Choodangane is below two hours and it seems to be running forever. Thankfully, the film ends quickly after the final confrontation without moving to airport or railway station.

Chusi Chudangane is a very routine romance drama that only has one decent episode in its entire setup. The confusions between the characters creeped into the script and made it clumsier as it moves forward. It is near painful to watch the film during its last twenty/thirty minutes. Youngsters may give it a try when it is streaming on an OTT platform.

Verdict: Look Away!