Iddari Lokam Okate Review

2H 6M | Romance - Drama | 2019-12-25

Raj Tarun, Shalini Pandey, Rohini, Nasser and Others

Director - GR Krishna
Producer - Dil Raju
Banner - Sri Venkateswara Creations
Music - Mickey J Meyer

Raj Tarun who started off his career with a row of hits is currently struggling to find form. He took up the remake of a Turkish drama film Love Likes Coincidences in the hope of finding a break. But now the 2011 Turkish film's story looks like a rehash of many films.

What is it about?

Mahi (Raj Tarun) and Varsha (Shalini) are childhood friends who get separated only two meet by a coincidence after eighteen years. Mahi comes to know that Varsha is in a relationship, but always wants to be in the company of her. Mahi has a health condition that could prove fatal, but he prefers to be with Varsha than undergoing treatment for his ailment.


Raj Tarun's subdued performance as Mahi is okay. It is not an ideal character for someone who is known for high energy levels. Shalini Pandey is good in emotional sequences. Nasser appeared in a brief role and Rohini is effective as Shalini's mother. Bharat played the role of hero's friend and Raja is seen in a stereotypical role of a man who gets dumped by the heroine.


GR Krishna's direction is not up to the mark. Films like Iddari Lokam Okate work only if the director establishes the characters in a way that they emotionally connect with the audience. This is where Krishna failed as a filmmaker. He has delivered a decent enough product on the technical front, but couldn't do justice to the main plot.

Music by Mickey J Meyer is mediocre as he repeats his old tunes in many situations. Background score is alright. Cinematography by Sameer Reddy is superb. Editing could have been crisp as few scenes drag on and on forever. Production values are good.

Thumbs Up:

Climax sequences

Thumbs Down:

Slow paced narration
Used theme
Fails to connect emotionally


Many of our filmmakers have copied many scenes and episodes from the Turkish drama Love Likes Coincidences. Dil Raju is late to the party by the time he bought the remake rights. Director Krishna remains faithful to the original, but he couldn't make it an engaging watch in any which way. Neither Raj Tarun's photography angle nor Shalini Pandey's wannabe actress thread adds any value to the narrative. All the scenes are pretty basic and the dialogue is generic. There's not a single scene that we would feel the pain of the protagonist in spite of him suffering from a life threatening medical condition.

Some sort of urgency is created towards the interval point where the doctors ask him to get immediate medical attention. But that part isn't used effectively in the later part of the story. Raj Tarun is seen really suffering only towards the climax. Accidents play major role in this romantic drama. The couple are born on the same day at the same hospital after an accident. The protagonist takes up photography after a small accident with the girl. Another accident happens later to change their lives forever. This would have worked with an effective screenplay.

GR Krishna's lackluster direction never gets our full attention. The film fails to involve the audience emotionally even when the protagonist is on the verge of the death. The triangular love sequence is pretty predictable and doesn't make any impact whatsoever. Only thing that is striking about the film is its climax portion where an unexpected event takes place. Good music and better scenes with a little dose of entertainment would have made this somewhat bearable. But Iddari Lokam Okate fails on every account except for the sparkling chemistry between the lead pair.

Raj Tarun's bad phase continues as Dil Raju lets him down two times in a row. He needs to pick subjects that suits his original character. At least he should do thriller movies that appeal to contemporary audience. Playing subdued characters and making sob stories wouldn't take him anywhere at this point.

Verdict: A 'World' of Pain!