Ruler Movie Review

2 Hours 10 | Action - Drama | 2019-12-20

Balakrishna, Sonal Chauhan, Vedika, Bhumika, Jayasudha, Prakash Raj and Others

Director - K.S. Ravi Kumar
Producer - C Kalyan
Banner - Happy Movies
Music - Chirantan Bhat

Ruler has been riding on very low expectations because of Balakrishna's recent flops and also because of its awfully bad promos. Even diehard fans didn't have much expectations on this film to be a Ruler at the box office and K.S. Ravi Kumar couldn't even meet those low expectations.

What is it about?

Arjun Prasad (Balakrishna) goes to UP on a solar project and also to settle scores with a baddie who manhandled his mom (Jayasudha). But the people in UP address him as Dharma (Balakrishna), who was apparently dead in saving the life of a Thakur lady (Bhumika). Then how is Arjun Prasad related to Dharma? Why do they look similar?


Balakrishna has done many characters that have similar traits like the one in Ruler. Wonder what propelled him to take up this character? His performance is usual but his styling is questionable. The hairstylist in particular needs a therapy session. Sonal Chauhan and Vedika provides eye candy, while Bhumika appears in an emotional role. Jayasudha looked out of place and Prakash Raj also didn't seem comfortable playing the Thakur.


Paruchuri Murali, the story writer should get half the blame for this unruly Ruler. But that doesn't mean director Ravi Kumar's work is any better. His screenplay and direction make it painful to watch. He is stuck in the nineties and is still trying to please contemporary audience with his outdated ideas.

Music by Chirantan Bhat is passable. Cinematography is neat. Editing is poor. Dialogue is awful. Production values are good. A lot of money has been spent on this unworthy film.


Balakrishna is a poor judge of script and surely doesn't follow the trend. He wouldn't have approved this story in the first place if he had a clue about what is selling at the Cinemas now. The story written by Paruchuri Murali doesn't have single element that is worthy enough to pay for it, let alone making a movie out of it. K.S. Ravi Kumar is in pretty bad form of late that he would even spoil a script like Narasimha at the moment. So, imagine what could he have done with a terrible story penned by Murali.

Wait, Ruler is terrible beyond your imagination. You have to watch the film to know it. The film is so bad that we feel pity for the noted star cast who are mouthing some senseless lines just because they were paid for their part. Protagonist losing memory of his past and living another life until he gets to know about his actual story is a formula that has been done to death on the silver screen. At least a story like this may work if the screenplay has contemporary thrills and likeable characters. But Ravi Kumar doesn't even try.

There is laziness all through the film. Scenes were lazily written and they were executed in a lazy fashion and the actors appeared to be sleep walking or thinking about something else while delivering their lines. There are two backdrops, two getups for Balakrishna and two heroines for each part. But not even a single scene work. Not even one! And to make it worse the scenes that were passed off as humor are downright cheap. Who can laugh at a buffalo peeing on a person's face?

Vedika getting tricked to believe that she is getting engaged to Saptagiri and the scenes that follow out of confusion are straight out of a nineties commercial potboiler. The comedy scenes in Bangkok hotel are even stupider. Ruler will go down as one of the forgettable films of the year. Releasing against other films will make its life bitter at the box office too.

Verdict: Unruly!