ARKB Movie Review

2 Hrs 13 M | Drama | 2019-12-12

Ajmal Ameer, Brahmanandam, Ali, Dheeraj, Dhananjay, Dhanraj and Others

Director - Siddhartha Tatholu
Producer - Ajay Mysore
Banner - Tiger/Company Production
Music - Ravi Shankar

RGV has been making some utterly disappointing movies from a very long time. However, he always picks up controversial subjects that draw attention of a section of audience and of course the media. Amma Rajyamlo Kadapa Biddalu originally titled as Kamma Rajyamlo Kadapa Redlu is a political satire that makes fun of the Ex CM of Andhra Pradesh and his son. The film also takes digs at other politicians like Pawan Kalyan and KA Paul.

What is it about?

Jagannadh Reddy (Ajmal) swears in as the new Chief Minister of separated Andhra Pradesh state and it leaves his opponent Babu (Dhananjay) and his son Akash (Dheeraj) in distress. They plot a plan to kill their own party's leader to bring down the Government and one of their main leaders gets killed. Rest of the film is about the police investigation of the political murder and its consequences.


Ajmal has a very good screen presence and has an uncanny resemblance to YS Jagan. The voiceover artist did a good job in making Ajmal look authentic as Jagan. Brahmanandam played a lengthy role that has no dialogues. The veteran tries hard but the character appears clueless and unfunny. Dhananjay who played Babu's role resembles Chandra Babu, but he is a very bad actor. Ali's cameo as Assembly speaker didn't click. Prithvi Raj's cameo as political analyst also is a misfire. Dhanraj makes his presence felt. The actor who played Pawan Kalyan did a decent job at imitating. The actor who played the role of KA Paul brings a few laughs.


There is not much Siddhartha Tatholu can do as a director when he has such a lousy script on hands. Script writers RGV and Karun should be blamed for writing such a directionless script that has no clue of anything that happens. Siddhartha has saved us from the pain of watching those weird camera angles and framings of RGV.

Music is very loud. There are far too many songs in the narrative that only tests our patience further. Editing is clumsy and the editor shouldn't be blamed for it. In fact he does a neat job in stitching this mess together. Cinematography is okay. Casting directors need a special mention.

Thumbs Up:


Thumbs Down:

Everything Else


Amma Rajyamlo Kadapa Biddalu has no coherent script like many of RGV's recent films. It seems like an attempt to take on everyone who was against Jagan in the recent election. The film is a collection of videos that make fun of Lokesh, Pawan Kalyan and KA Paul. Most of their viral videos from the election campaign have been spoofed and it looks like they had woven a script around such spoof videos. Everything that RGV want to show will be over in the first fifteen minutes and the film drags on aimlessly from that point onwards.
Murdering a well known political leader raises hopes on the second half, but Ram Gopal Varma takes a satirical route by introducing annoying characters played by Swapna and Kathi Mahesh. Pawan Kalyan's Taata teestha speech is used throughout the film as if it is a comedy track. The satires written for KA Paul's character are funny at times. Ram Gopal Varma also tries to glorify himself by showing that political leaders discuss his tweets. He also tried to give some purpose to this film with the interview scene at the end. However hard he tried, Amma Rajyamlo Kadapa Biddalu comes out as a cheap attempt to cash in on anti-TDP wave in AP.
Political spoofs aren't new to our audience, but this film doesn't have any storyline or graph to analyze. It is just a collection of spoof videos that may seem entertaining to some at the beginning. Even those scenes become tedious and repetitive after a while. RGV went hard at Lokesh and Pawan Kalyan in particular. He has even crossed the line in depicting Lokesh's character as 'Pappu'. RGV hit a new low by dragging Lokesh's wife Brahmani into this story. What is the need to give her character so much importance while he left the females from Jagan's family away from the drama?

ARKB is an attempt to please AP CM Jagan and be in the good books of YCP leaders and cadre. Or maybe this is RGV's revenge on CBN and co for not letting him enter Vijayawada. Whatever the reason behind this film, it has turned out to be a painful torture for its audience.

Verdict: Jagan Rajyaniki RGV Biscuit-lu!