Raja Varu Rani Garu Movie Review

2H 13M | Romance - Drama | 2019-11-30

Kiran Abbavaram, Rahasya Gorak, Rajkumar, Yazurved and Others

Director - Ravi Kiran Kola
Producer - Mano Vikas, Media 9 Manoj
Banner - Media 9 and SL Entertainments
Music - Jay Krish

Raja Varu Rani Garu is a low budget film that grabbed the attention with its impressive promos. However, the film turned out to be a slow paced old-fashioned romance that eventually tests the patience. The film has fantastic visuals and good music, but those couldn't make it an engaging watch.

What is it about?

Raja (Kiran) falls in love with his classmate Rani (Rahasya) but doesn't have the guts to express his love to her. Rani leaves her village for engineering studies and Raja patiently waits for her for three and a half years. Even after Rani returns to village Raja couldn't find courage to express his feelings. The film is all about how this couple opens up.


Raja is a character that talks less and goes through a lot of pain all the time. Kiran Abbavaram is pretty good in getting the emotions right. Rahasya also doesn't speak much, but she is okay on the performance front. The guys who played buddies of Raja are very good with their natural acting. The actor who played Rani's father also is good. The girl who played Geetha also makes an impression.


Ravi Kiran has a unique style, which is evident throughout the movie. His framing and sensibilities will strike a chord with niche audience. His script is a bit old-fashioned but his visual sense and presentation is trendy. Ravi Kiran surely makes a strong impression irrespective of its box office result.

Music is good. A couple of melodies are good on ears. Background score also is impressive. Cinematography is the best aspect of the film. The lush green fields are a treat to watch. Production design is perfect. Editing could have been crisp especially in the second hour. Dialogues are very good without any dramatic lines. Production values are decent.

Thumbs Up:


Thumbs Down:

Slow pace
Dated romance
Second Half


Raja Varu Rani Garu is a matured love story about two sensitive people. It talks about the fear of expression and depth of feelings. It is commendable to make such a clean film in this age of lustful romance films, but it is too outdated with an overdose of melodrama. Raja's character is relatable, but it turns out boring because of its one-note nature. Thankfully, other characters are mostly cheerful speaking in authentic Godavari accent. Protagonist's sidekicks are way too funny in the beginning scenes. Even those characters are toned down when the female protagonist comes back to the village.

The biggest drawback of RVRG is its inability to establish any chemistry between the lead pair. The couple fails to light up the screen even they are together. Both the characters are very soft and mellow that we wish to see them separated so that there would be scope for some entertainment. There's no need of writing such uninteresting scenes between the lead pair though they aren't so expressive. The main plot is so weak that the director had to rely upon side tracks to fill up the gaps.

The film turns out tedious in the second half as it hardly moves from where it got stuck from the beginning. Barring a couple of entertaining scenes on 'Ammamma' nothing clicks in the second half. Even the ending fails to evoke any emotions. It only looks like a poor imitation of the iconic airport scene from Pawan's Tholi Prema. RVRG has impressive visuals and a melodious soundtrack, but the screenplay is too slow and becomes tough to sit through in the second half.

Verdict: Outdated Raja-Rani!