Arjun Suravaram Movie Review

2 Hrs 29 M | Crime | 2019-11-29

Nikhil, Lavanya Tripathi, Vennela Kishore, Tarun Arora, Posani and Others

Director - T.N. Santosh
Producer - Raj Kumar Akella
Banner - Movie Dynamix LLP
Music - C.S. Sam

Long-delayed Arjun Suravaram has finally made it to theaters. Nikhil played an investigative journalist in this action thriller which is a remake of Tamil film Kanithan. It is directed by Santosh who made the original film.

What is it about?

Arjun Suravaram (Nikhil) is a young journalist who aspires to work for BBC. As he gets closer to achieving his dream, Arjun gets arrested for using forged documents to secure a bank loan. Arjun is clueless about what's happening around him and he uses his reporting skills to find the people behind it.


Nikhil is apt in the role of a determined journalist. He has delivered a commendable performance as Arjun Suravaram. Lavanya Tripathi didn't have much to do in the film except running beside Nikhil during his tense times. Vennela Kishore shines here and there. Tarun Arora is a standard villain. Posani is good as the good cop. Raja Ravindra is over the top.


T.N. Santosh picked up a point that has tremendous potential. However, he didn't pen engaging screenplay to keep the viewers invested in it. The film needs to be realistic, but gets too cinematic many a time thus making it a routine fare. There's a lot of clumsiness in handling the story that could have turned out way better in the hands of an experienced director.

There are two proper songs and the rest were used in the background. None of the songs leave any impression. Background score is good in parts. Cinematography is fine. Production values are strictly okay. The film is clumsily edited in spite of having an experienced editor on board.

Thumbs Up:

Nikhil's performance

Interesting Plot

Thumbs Down:

Bad Screenplay

Clumsy Editing

Unrealistic approach

Comical Villain


Tamil directors have the knack of picking stories that are related to the system. Santosh's Arjun Suravaram also is one such film based on the 'fake certificates scam'. The plot has lot of potential to become a captivating thriller. Directors like Shankar and Murugadoss mastered the art of making such films. Santosh's inexperience has been exposed as he couldn't make it an engaging watch despite having a solid plot on hands.

Films like Thani Oruvan and Irumbu Thirai also were based on similar scams. Arjun Suravaram failed to give that edge of the seat experience because of bad writing. The way he had visualized the villain character has to be blamed for this. Tarun Arora never looks like a organized villain who can run a multi million worth scam. There is not much thought put into the investigation part where Nikhil tries to find out the man behind the scam.

First half has its moments and raises interest on how things would pan out in the second half. But the second half runs on predictable notes with the villains turning out to be cartoonish. Even the actions of hero and his heroine are questionable at times. Thankfully, they don't break into a song in the middle of the action like they did in the original. There's no redemption towards the ending too. In fact the climax portion is way too silly compared to rest of the movie.

On a whole, Arjun Suravaram turns out to be an ordinary action film in spite of having a solid concept.

Verdict: Solid Concept - Ordinary Action