Thipparaa Meesam Review

2 Hrs 38 m | Action | 2019-11-08

Sri Vishnu, Nikki Tamboli, Rohini, Benarjee, and Others

Director - Krishna Vijay
Producer - Rizwan
Banner - Rizwan Entertainment
Music - Suresh Bobbili

Thippara Meesam not only had a powerful title but also grabbed attention with its raw looking promos. Sri Vishnu who has been picking good scripts of late created some buzz around this film. But director Krishna Vijay makes it a overlong, boring emotional saga that is mostly pointless.

What is it about?

Mani (Sri Vishnu) is a spoilt child who hates his mother (Rohini) for sending him to rehab center to help him from drug addiction. He is in need of big money that he lost in gambling and he files a complaint on his mother alleging of cheque bounce.


Sri Vishnu is good in a role that has to show varied emotions. He is particularly good in the scene where he runs on the roads half-naked in the influence of drugs. He has shown very good maturity in giving the best performance in emotional sequences. Nikki Tamboli has a little role to play and she is just alright. Rohini is very good as the mother of Sri Vishnu. Benarjee gets a meaty role after a long time. Naveen Neni's comedy dialogues were fun in few instances.


Director Krishna Vijay wanted to make a raw, dark and gritty film with an aggressive character as the lead. He got the mood right, but didn't have enough drama or a strong script to make it work. He has shown impressive skills in maintaining the dark tone throughout the film.

Music is loud, but good in some scenes. Cinematography stands out with its interesting lighting patterns that gives a certain signature to this film. Editing is very bad. The film's runtime is overlong and most of the scenes are not connected well. Production values are alright given its small budget.

Thumbs Up:

Sri Vishnu

A Couple of Scenes

Thumbs Down:

Exhausting runtime

Over the top emotions

Bad writing


Thipparaa Meesam has that Arjun Reddy vibe to it. It seems the director wanted to make something as special and as cult as Arjun Reddy while writing Mani's character. Except for giving it a sketch that closely resembles Arjun Reddy, there is nothing striking or charming about Mani Shankar in Thipparaa Meesam. The film is based on an age-old mother-son sentimental drama that never strikes the chord due to poorly etched characters and hardly effective conflicts. There is a back story for the protagonist to hate his mother that really doesn't make any sense.

The lead character seems bad right from the beginning and there is not a single quality that we can root for him. He falls in love with a girl just for the sake of it. Even the drug addiction part is not convincing enough. The aggressive nature is limited to his moustache and beard. None of the plot points like the son lodging a complaint against his mother make any impact. The film is painfully slow and its badly constructed screenplay never lets us get immersed in the narrative.

First half is overlong and pointless that we would not feel like entering the auditorium again to catch the remaining story of Mani Shankar. Second half has some commercial plot points and the predictable redemption part of the protagonist that makes it somewhat better compared to its tedious first half. Thippara Meesam is a film that is made with a certain section of audience in mind, especially the youth. But giving it a base like mother-son melodrama doesn't make sense. There are tons of scenes that focuses on the mother-son conflict, but not even one scene creates a strong impact.

Thippara Meesam is a boring, exhausting, unnecessarily dark and an unbearable saga of overdramatic emotions. A film like this will only leave a dent on Sree Vishnu's promising career.

Verdict: A Total Bore!