Meeku Matrame Chepta Review

2 Hrs | Comedy | 2019-11-01

Tarun Bhascker, Abhinav Gomatam, Vani Bhojan, Naveen George Thomas, and Others

Director - Shameer Sultan
Producer - Vijay Deverakonda, Vardhan Dev
Banner - Global Cinemas
Music - Siva Kumar

Meeku Matrama Chepta has a relatable plot where an about to be married guy faces embarrassment when an old video surfaces on the internet. It is a slapstick comedy with relatable issues that are faced in this smart phone era.  

What is it about?

Raks (Tarun) is about to get married to his lover (Vani) in a day and a old video of his gets uploaded on a porn site. He needs to get it removed before anybody knows. But it is not as easy as he thinks. He takes the help of his friend (Abhinav) to make it disappear from the internet.  


Tarun Bhascker is an effortless actor who can play any type of character without much fuss. After putting up a decent show in Falaknuma Das, he carries MMC on his shoulders with his likeable performance and impressive comedy timing. He gets ample support from Abhinav, who is also a natural actor. They are ably aided by the supporting cast played by Anasuya, Vinay Varma and Vani Bhojan.


Shameer Sultan picked up a plot that is easily relatable. However, he couldn't make it into a laugh riot despite having good plot on hands. Comedy only worked in bits and pieces and the whole scenario seemed stretched at many points. The script is written as if they are making a short film and didn't make engaging enough to be a two hour long film.

Music is just okay and cinematography also is very average. Dialogues are good here and there. The film is made on a very low budget and that is evident in almost every frame. Except for three to four main characters, all of them were played by mostly unknown actors.

Thumbs Up:

Relatable Plot

Funny situations

Tarun's performance

Thumbs Down:

Weak Screenplay

Second Half gets repetitive

Very Ordinary Climax


Meeku Matrame Chepta has a plot that will surely seem promising as an idea. However, it is not developed to an extent where it could be made into a movie. It sure has some funny scenes and dialogue that tickle your funny bone, but everything gets repetitive after a point. Tarun Bhascker and Abhinav's performance saves some poorly written scenes and make it watchable until the first hour.

But the second half turns out to be a stretch. The situations keep repeating again and again without taking the story forward. One would expect the climax of such scenario to be hilarious, but the pre-climax and climax sequences fall flat without any highs or humor. There is an attempt to give it an interesting twist at the end, but it also appears to be a half baked idea that doesn't make things any better.

The setup promises a lot of fun, but fizzles out too soon. Some funny situations hold it from dropping below the average mark until the intermission point. A better second half with even funnier situations is what is needed to make it work, but the writing in the second half is not up to the mark. They seems to have ran out of ideas and kept on repeating same situations again and again. A funny final episode would have saved it from being a disappointment, but the writer-director couldn't come up with one.

MMC is a very average comedy that offers few laughs here and there. Tarun's flawless performance is one of its biggest plus points, but it doesn't have enough to send its audience with a satisfactory feel. Vijay Deverakonda's brand and promotions would help it get a decent opening, but it turns out to be a film that is made for streaming platforms and not for theatrical experience.

Verdict: A Half Baked Idea!