Khaidi Movie Review

| Thriller | 2019-10-25

Karthi, Narain, Vijay TV Dheena, Mariam George and Others

Director - Lokesh Kanagaraj
Producer - SR Prabhu, SR Prakash Prabhu,
Banner - Dream Warrior Pictures, Vivekananda Pictures
Music - Sam CS

Khaidi didn't create any buzz prior to its release although the trailers looked different from the usual. It will surely take you by surprise with its thrilling screenplay and non-stop action.

What is it about?

Dilli (Karthi) is a prisoner who is released earlier because of his good behavior. He is out to meet his daughter that he had never seen. But before he gets to meet her, Dilli is caught in a cop-gangsters tangle and he must rescue the police to safety before time runs out.


Karthi is superb in the lead role. His look and performance are flawless as he is totally believable in the role of a helpless father. Kudos to him for backing such story that doesn't let him do conventional fan-friendly stuff. Narain is good as the injured cop with a mission to handle. George Mariam is very good as the vulnerable and weak ordinary man thrown into an extra ordinary situation. All the actors who played the gangsters are aptly cast and so are the college students.


Lokesh Kanagaraj is the hero of this film. His incredible shot making and extraordinary narrative skills make Khaidi a thoroughly engaging watch. He has tremendous control over all the crafts and he has worked in tandem with all his crew to deliver a solid thriller.

There are no songs in the film and background score is pulsating. All credits to Sam CS for such a terrific score. Cinematographer's work stands like a pillar for this film. His fabulous visuals bring the necessary authenticity to the proceedings. Editing is very impressive. Director could have opted for a shorter run time though. Production values are neat.

Thumbs Up:

Story Setup
Background Score

Thumbs Down:

Loses steam in second half
Ordinary climax


Khaidi is one of that very rare films that suck you into the story as soon as you start watching. It has a terrific setup and no-nonsense approach that will put you right at the center of the drama. It keeps getting better as the story moves forward. It takes a lot of guts to make this film that is devoid of any commercial elements. Could you imagine a film without a female lead in a film featuring a notable star?

Director Lokesh is so confident of his skills that he doesn't hold back any twists and puts out his entire plot and characters in the first twenty minutes itself. He then narrates the story in parallel tracks and there is hardly one moment where the screenplay skips a beat. The narrative is fantastic in the first half with edge of the seat thrilling experience. Entire story happens within a span of few hours in the night and in two, three different locations.

The action takes some time to begin, but there is no shortage of it once it begins. Kudos to the cinematographer and fight masters for making it look so stunning on the big screen. The narrative peaks in the first hour itself and the director finds it tough to manage the graph in its second half. The chases get a bit tiring and scenes start to get repetitive after a point. Even the gangsters trying to break into the police station seems a bit over the top. It is projected as if they are scaling a huge fort or entering a kingdom.

Also the runtime is definitely long for a film that is loaded with action. A shorter runtime would have done wonders to the film. The emotional aspect is gelled well into the action packed narrative and it strikes the right chords whenever it comes to the fore. Climax is emotional and also leave us with a question of who Dilli is and how is he known to the drug mafia leader. On a whole, Khaidi is an engaging and exciting film that will surely appeal to contemporary audience.

Verdict: An Engaging Thrill Ride!