RDX Love Movie Review

| | 2019-10-11

Payal Rajput, Tejus, Aditya Menon, Naresh, Nagineedu, Aamani, Mumaith Khan and Others

Director - Shankar Bhanu
Producer - C. Kalyan
Banner - Happy Movies
Music - Radhan

RDX Love is made with the sole purpose of cashing in on Payal Rajput's craze and image post RX 100's success. A sincere attempt is made at writing a plot for RDX Love, but it is just an excuse to have as many titillating scenes as they can besides Payal's skin show.

What is it about?

Alivelu (Payal) is an NGO worker who tries to educate people on various issues. She has a motive behind doing all this. A young man (Tejus) falls in love with her and her life takes an unexpected turn because of him. He is the son of a media baron (Aditya Menon) who puts Alivelu's life in danger. What is the motive of Alivelu and how will she save herself from the evil media baron is what the rest of the film is about.


Payal Rajput tries her best to prove her capabilities as an actor, but she does a mediocre job at it. However, her main job is to look glamorous and to provide eye candy. Payal does that all through the film no matter the situation demands it or not. Tejus's role is to drool over Payal's beauty from the word go. Aditya Menon overacts to the core. Mumaith Khan looks ridiculous as a bad cop. Naresh and Aamani played supporting roles.


Shankar Bhanu picked up a silly plot to make a film filled with lot of sleaze and vulgar scenes. There is a deliberate attempt to make them look noble on screen with a social message attached to it. Every sequence in the film seemed utter foolish and make us wonder what the makers are up to. Director made the actors look clownish with his silly ideas that are ridiculously stupid.

Songs are used for showcasing Payal's glamour and she didn't hesitate to slip into any type of costumes. Not even one song is worth remembering and the background score is noisy all the time. Cinematography is decent compared to other technical aspects. Editing is clumsy and the dialogues are laughable. The film is made on a low budget.

Thumbs Up:

Payal's glamour

Thumbs Down:

Everything else


RDX Love is a silly, an outlandish romantic drama, with an emphasis on silly. A group of young ladies from a village comes to the city and do social work for the sake of grabbing the attention of Chief Minister. What do they do? They distribute condoms to youngsters to educate them about safe sex. Later they go to a village where women are suffering due to the drinking habits of their husbands. So they teach them Vatsayana Kamasutra techniques to bring change in their men. The ridiculousness doesn't stop there. Heroine and her gang goes to a basthi to make people quit guthka. But the local rowdy refuses to help. Then comes a brilliant scene that has to be seen on the screen.

After all this nonsense, the heroine is taken to a police station and beaten to pulp. The reason for it is revealed later that a media baron is not happy with his son running around her. She retorts by taking his son to her village and sending pictures and videos of his son making out with her. He goes out of control looking at the videos and comes up with a proposal that he would help her achieve her goal if she agrees to commit suicide. She agrees to it and her wish finally comes true. Every scene in the film seems like a joke as if the director is making a parody of stupid stuff that we see in B grade Telugu films.

Unfortunately, none of it is a joke and the director truly believed that it would work. He sincerely believed that this film would click with the youth for its so called 'bold' and 'trendy' elements. He might have believed that it would also work with the masses for its 'sentimental dose'. But RDX Love turned out to be a silly film that is unintentionally funny for most of its runtime. Even Payal's skin show cannot save this bizarre film that is easily one of the most stupidest film to come out from Telugu cinema industry in recent times. Watch it at your own peril.

Verdict: Third Degree Torture!