Chanakya Movie Review

2 Hrs 27 M | Action, Drama | 2019-10-05

Gopichand, Mehreen, Zareen Khan, Upen Patel, Sunil and Others

Director - Thiru
Producer - Rama Brahmam Sunkara
Banner - AK Entertainments
Music - Vishal Chandrasekhar

Gopichand who has been struggling to get back on track trusted in Tamil director Thiru, who has delivered a few lackluster action films. Chanakya is an action thriller in which Gopichand plays an undercover RAW agent.

What is it about?

Arjun (Gopichand) and his team operates undercover and they are after Sohail (Upen Patel) a dreaded terrorist. Arjun's cover is blown and his team gets abducted by Sohail. Now Arjun has to go to Pakistan all by himself and nab Sohail before he puts in India in a spot at the G6 Summit.


Gopichand is believable as the RAW agent. His performance is the only saving grace in this film. He is particularly impressive in action scenes. Mehreen plays a stereotypical female lead while Zareen Khan is part of the action that happens in Karachi. Upen Patel hams a lot and Sunil tries too hard to be humorous. Ali's comedy track is disgusting. Nasser is okay.


Thiru's idea is to make a slick action thriller with RAW and international terrorism as backdrops. However, he has failed to execute it in an impressive way in spite of having a decent enough plot. Screenplay is pretty bad with very few interesting twists and turns. Comedy scenes in the first half are a big letdown. Dealing with international terrorists has been dealt like a joke.

Songs are absolutely not needed and the director somehow fits in four songs into the narrative. None of the songs make an impression. Background music is very loud. Editing is adequate. Cinematography is okay. Dialogues by Abburi Ravi are pretty bland. Production values are average.

Thumbs Up:


A couple of action scenes

Thumbs Down:

Disengaging Screenplay

Pointless First half

Silly comedy

Lack of thrilling episodes


Dealing with Pakistani terrorists and a villain reminiscent of Dawood Ibrahim should have enough thrills to engage the audience. Chanakya is full of half baked action episodes that neither thrills nor falls flat. There is sincerity in Gopichand's performance, who puts in efforts to shoulder this spy thriller. However, he gets little support from the director and writing department who kept on  churning out basic action sequences that fails to hold the film together. The first scene where Gopichand and his team nabs a terrorist itself is underwhelming as there is hardly any challenge.

Despite its shortcomings, the first scene sets the mood for an action thriller, but the setting is shifted to a private bank where our protagonist goes undercover. This episode is used for comedy as well as having a romance track for the protagonist. This marathon episode that stretches until the intermission point is a huge bore with a stupid comedy track involving dogs. The romance part also lacks charm and the songs only add to our troubles. It shifts back to action mode at the interval and thereafter it is all about how the protagonist rescues his abducted friends from the bad guys.

Thiru seems to be heavily inspired from films made with similar backdrop. He worked on getting the locations and production design correct, but the script is so undercooked that it fails to raise above the average mark at any point. There are a couple of scenes that are fairly engaging, but those are not thrilling enough to make us forget about the silliness shown until then. We expect the international criminals to be clever enough to deal with a RAW agent whose cover is blown. But they cannot stop him from doing anything in spite of having all the powers in their hands. While the villains with men allover Pakistan with truckloads of weapons couldn't stop the protagonist, he does whatever he wants just with the help of a local Indian female agent.

Climax scene is so brainless that it looks straight out of a first draft. Pakistani army, international mafia dons and terrorists all look like a bunch of clowns as our protagonist is hardly challenged in executing his mission. The film's fate at the box office will depend on how B and C centers embrace it during the holiday weekend. Chanakya is a big letdown in terms of content and entertainment.

Verdict: Mundane Mission!