Ranarangam Movie Review

2 Hrs 14 M | Action | 2019-08-15

Sharwanand, Kajal, Kalyani, Murali Sharma, Ajay, Brahmaji and Others

Director - Sudheer Varma
Producer - Suryadevara Naga Vamsi
Banner - Sitara Entertainments
Music - Prashant Pillai

Ranarangam is inspired from so many films as confessed by director Sudheer Varma, but it is mostly based on God Father 2. Numerous films were inspired by same source material and Sudheer Varma couldn't bring anything new to the table with Ranarangam.

What is it about?

Deva (Sharwanand) starts of his life by selling black tickets at the cinema theaters. Later he switches to bootlegging and takes on local MLA (Murali Sharma) and becomes a powerful businessman. He gets married to Geetha (Kalyani Priyadarshan), but soon faces consequences of the path he has taken. After few years, Deva is settled in Spain and has control over operations in India. He stands between a rich businessman (Ajay) and his aim to wipe off few villages.


Sharwanand is too young to play the role of a middle-aged man, but he has pulled it off with ease. The transformation from a young guy to a middle-aged person is amazing. It will remain as one of his finest performances to date. Kalyani Priyadarshan plays a bubbly character and she is good within her limitations. Kajal has little role to play in the story. Murali Sharma's performance is good. Sudarshan, Raja and Ajay gets lengthy roles and they are aptly cast.                                     


Sudheer Varma prefers style over substance in making this gangster drama. He has a special liking for such films, which is evident in his shot making. However, he should have written a solid script for those stunning shots to make a lasting impact. He has once again proved his command over his craft, but all those extra toppings wouldn't make for a nice cake when the script is undercooked.

Songs are passable. Background score in action episodes is very good. Editing is crisp, but they should have kept the runtime around two hours. Cinematography is the most stunning and the best aspect about Ranarangam. Anybody would fall in love with the frames and lightings used. A lot of credit should also go to the art department and producer who has spent so much on the quality.

Thumbs Up:



Production values

Thumbs Down:

Weak Script

Flat Narration



Anybody who has seen gangster dramas would know what to expect out of Ranarangam. Gangster flicks are all about stunning action, spectacular drama and engaging screenplay. Sudheer Varma's Ranrangam has some fantastically choreographed action sequences and some of the best visuals in recent times. Besides that there isn't enough content to hold the interest of audience. Sudheer Varma simply wrote a character that rises from the rags to riches. But this journey is never exciting. Hero turning into a powerful don is not shown in an effective way.

There isn't a single striking sequence or scene that shows the power of the protagonist. It is all about muscle power and killings. The protagonist also loses a few close ones in this struggle, but the emotions fall flat in spite of the death of a couple of key characters. At least the beginning portions of the protagonist's journey are a bit entertaining, but the scenes where the aged Sharwa takes the charge lacks entertainment and exciting elements. The story is told by moving back and forth between the protagonist's two phases of life, but the technique doesn't add any value to the film.

Ranarangam is a well-made film on the technical front with splendid cinematography and spectacular production design. One would get bowled over by the visuals of Ranarangam, but there isn't much to dig beyond that. It is like a blank book with an eye-catching cover. Wonder what impressed Sharwanand who is usually smart in picking his films. Ranarangam just gives him a chance to present himself in a different character, but offers very little to keep anyone invested in it. This all style no substance film may not get the thumbs up from the majority audience besides from those who look for technical finesse over content.

Verdict: Disengaging Warfare!