7 - Seven Movie Review

| | 2019-06-06

Havish, Regina, Nandita Swetha, Tridha, Anisha Ambrose, Rahman and others

Director - Nizar Shafi
Producer - Ramesh Varma
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Music - Chaitan Bharadwaj

Seven is a thriller film directed by cinematographer turned director Nizar Shafi. It stars Havish as the male lead and has Regina, Nandita Swetha, Anisha Ambrose and others playing the female lead roles.  

What is it about?

Ramya (Nandita) seeks the help of police (Rahman) when her husband Karthik (Havish) goes missing. But to her shock the police has already registered a missing case on her husband six months ago. But then he goes missing in Chennai too. A patient from an asylum comes and says that he isn't Karthik but Krishna Murthy, who was dead many years ago. What is the mystery surrounding this Karthik? What has Krishna Murthy to do with him?


Havish couldn't deliver a performance that keeps the viewers engaged. His incompetence turned out to be one of Seven's biggest weaknesses. Regina enters the scene in the second half and steals the show right away. She played a complex role that is criminally underdeveloped despite its potential. All the remaining female leads did okay. Rahman is good as the police officer.


Nizar Shafi's cinematography is good, but his directorial skills are questionable. He never seemed to be in command of what's happening on the screen. He didn't even bother to extract good performances from many actors. Music is passable. Screenplay penned by Ramesh Varma is pathetic. He made a mess of a decent plot that could have been a captivating thriller. Editing is adequate. Prodution values are fine.

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Everything Else


Some ideas seem promising on paper, but every exciting idea cannot transform into a good film. Seven is a classic example of it. A woman obsessed with marrying and leading a life with her man of dreams goes to unimaginable lengths to fulfill her dream. The plot is an interesting one without a doubt. But it was executed in an obnoxious fashion. Audience will lose interest in what's happening on the screen before the movie's actual plot begins.

In fact, the story begins on a rather interesting note, but quickly loses the attention because of its uninspired and lazy writing. It takes so long to gain the attention back, but immediately loses it for the same reason. Despite the absurdity the mystery element manages to hold the film together and we get to know the real story behind the bizarre proceedings after a very long flashback. The best part of 7 is Regina playing Saraswathi. She is a very fine actress that she keeps the viewers interested for few minutes.

But the half baked story doesn't let Regina save 7 from ending up as a torturous fare. Even the interesting elements in the script have been done in amateurish way that everything looks silly and laughable. If you think that there couldn't be anything stupider than what you had seen until then, the director and writer prove us wrong with a climax that hits the final nail in the coffin for 7. Having a thrilling plot on hands wouldn't be enough to make an engaging thriller. One needs to be a terrific storyteller to make concepts like 7 work. Sadly, there is none among the principal technical crew who is capable enough to make good use of this promising premise.

7 is a ridiculously stupid film with a botched up script and elementary performances that is excruciatingly painful to sit through.  

Verdict: An Assault On Your Senses!