Movie Review : @Narthanasala

| | 2018-08-30

Nagashaurya, Kashmira, Yamini, Jayaprakash Reddy, Ajay and Others

Director - Srinivas Chakravarthi
Producer - Usha Mulpuri
Banner - Ira Creations
Music - Mahati Swara Saga

The protagonist playing a gay character sounds funny on paper, but the debut director Srinivas Chakravarthy utterly failed in executing it. @Nartanasala could have been a fun ride if done right, but it turns out to be a bore fest.

What is it about?

Radha Krishna (Naga Shaurya) is grown up with girls and hence has no feelings for opposite gender. But he sympathizes with Manasa (Kashmira) and eventually loves her. But another girl (Yamini) likes him. Due to a misunderstanding Radha Krishna lands in the girl's house and forced to say okay to her. Then he pretends to be a gay to escape it, but that turns out fatal as he encounters a real gay.


Naga Shaurya is caught in two minds. He doesn't know whether to involve totally into the gay character or appear like a hero. The confusion is evident in his performance. Kashmira's performance is very bad. Yamini sizzles in a beach song. Ajay is good in a different character. Jayaprakash Reddy and Sivaji Raja are over the top in lengthy roles.


Srinivasa Chakravarthy had a handy plot on hands that could have become a genuine entertainer. But bad execution makes it a tedious film to sit through. He is well aware of the basics of film direction, but he has done a disappointing job as the screenplay writer.

A couple of songs are good. Mahati Sagar's background score also is fine. Cinematography is adequate. Editing could have been better in the second half. Production values are alright. Producers haven't compromised with the quality of the film.

Thumbs Up:

Interval scene

Comedy in bits and pieces

Thumbs Down:

Weak execution

Routine second half

Bad screenplay


@Nartanasala is an attempt to make a movie with 'Modern Brihannala' as the protagonist. The makers and Naga Shaurya took a daring step by attempting this film. Not every actor dares to step into the shoes of a gay character. However, the idea that sounded good on paper couldn't translate into a good film. Director Srinivas Chakravarthy totally failed with the execution part. There is a lot of effort put into make audience laugh, but almost ninety percent of that flopped because of bad writing.

A lot of time is spent on establishing hero's character at the start, but that appears pointless after a point as he falls in love with a girl without much ado. He pretends to be a gay to escape from the villain's clutches, but gets locked in the house as he encounters another gay who has been searching for a suitable match. This episode is good and promises a lot of fun. But for some reason this angle is not explored much post intermission. The attempts of generating comedy continued in the second half too, but it only turned tedious and unbearable at times.

We can understand why Naga Shaurya picked this story post the success of Chalo. It surely would have sounded exciting and worth investing as a basic idea. But not all ideas can be made into good films. Director must be very skillful and also should have great sense of humor to make this concept work. Sadly, the debut director couldn't get the desired results with his execution. It shaped up like a bland Sreenu Vaitla's film with a series of unfunny sequences. A film like this wouldn't appeal to anybody. Not even a miracle could save this one.

Verdict: @Your Own Risk!