Movie Review: Wife Of Ram

| Suspense | 2018-07-20

Lakshmi Manchu, Adarsh Balakrisha, Samrat Reddy, Priyadarshi and others

Director - Vijay Yelakanti
Producer - Lakshmi Manchu, Viswa Prasad
Banner - Manchu Entertainment, People Media Factory
Music - Raghu Dixit

Wife of Ram is a mystery thriller in which Lakshmi Manchu plays the lead role. The film is directed by debutant Vijay Yelakanti and it has shades of Bollywood hit Kahani.

What is it about?

Deeksha (Lakshmi) is hospitalized after an accident. She loses her husband and unborn child in the accident, but Deeksha recovers and reports to the police that her husband has been murdered. Police don't take necessary action due to lack of evidence and Deeksha starts her own investigation to find the murderer. Does she succeed in it?


Lakshmi Manchu is a fine actress who can carry any role with authority. She got a fine opportunity to show off her acting chops and she grabs it with both hands. Her accent may trouble at times, but Lakshmi shoulders the film with a towering performance. She is particularly impressive in emotional scenes. Adarsh is okay as the bad guy and Samrat appears in a brief role as Lakshmi's husband. Priyadarshi plays an important role as Lakshmi's support. He did well.


Vijay Yelakanti does a neat job in maintaining the suspense, but his direction lacks finesse. A script like Wife of Ram demands fast pace and slick look, but the lazy pacing and lackluster screenplay doesn't let the film to overcome its weaknesses in spite of having an interesting premise.

Background music is not great but okay. Cinematography also is pretty standard. The cameraman's obsession with red color tone keeps distracting the viewers. Editing is fine in the second half, but very poor in the first half. There's nothing much to boast about the production quality. The film is made on a low budget and it is evident on screen.

Thumbs Up:

Lakshmi's performance

Suspense factor

Thumbs Down:

Bad first half

Unengaging screenplay

Logical errors


Wife of Ram wastes no time to get to the thick of the things. However, its lazy pacing and the badly conceived initial scenes don't hook the audience. The narration fails to engage even though the protagonist is on the hunt all the time. The way Deeksha links various incidents to go back to the day her husband was killed wasn't executed in an interesting manner. The film moves at a snail pace with stretched out scenes.

There is a scene where Deeksha hires an escort and the latter advances for lesbian sex. It is in fact a very bold scene, but it was dealt in such a lousy fashion that it seems like a joke. Most of the scenes fail to make impact due to poor execution. Crucial scenes like Deeksha getting key information from pub management and she making a skype call to the murderer are badly executed that they doesn't arouse any excitement in spite of being the key moments in the film.

Second half runs on a better note with multiple attacks on Deeksha. However, the director takes too much cinematic liberty in certain scenes where Deeksha plants evidence to bring the murderer to justice. There are far too many logical errors that dilute the impact of those scenes. Despite many loop holes and uninteresting narration, Wife of Ram ends on a good note with an unexpected twist during the final act.

The film bears a heavy resemblance to Bollywood hit Kahani but deals with a contemporary issue related to women. There is a final scene to show Deeksha's past which is also relevant to the current happenings in the society. A good climax and Lakshmi's performance are the best things about Wife of Ram. It could have been a better film with slick narration and good technical values. Nevertheless, it is far better compared to Lakshmi's recent films.

Verdict: A New Kahani!