Movie Review: Vijetha

| | 2018-07-12

Kalyan Dhev, Malavika Nair, Murali Sharma, Tanikella Bharani and others

Director - Rakesh Sashi
Producer - Rajani Korrapati
Banner - Varaahi Chalanachitram
Music - Harshavardhan Rameshwar

Chiranjeevi's younger son-in-law Kalyan Dhev making debut as an actor has been the USP of Vijetha. It is based on a time tested theme of an aimless guy turning into a responsible one to care of his family. Routine script and cliched scenes make Vijetha a yawn-inducing bore fest.

What is it about?

Ram (Kalyan) is talented but wanders aimlessly with his gang of friends. His father Srinivasa Rao (Murali Sharma) sacrifices his passion for photography to keep his family running. Ram realizes the struggle of his father very late and starts acting responsible. He not only shares the responsibilities of his father but also makes him a winner by helping him achieve his dream.


Kalyan Dhev is good looking and is okay as an actor. However, he needs to work on his skills if he is aiming for a longtime career in films. Malavika Nair is a very good performer, but she hardly gets any scope to leave a mark. The film belongs to Murali Sharma who shines as a typical middle class father. Tanikella Bharani is his usual self in a supporting role.


Director Rakesh Sashi picks up a time tested plot that doesn't offer any freshness. The screenplay also treads the familiar path with predictable scenes. He makes a very ordinary film in spite of having an ace technician like Senthil behind the camera.

Music is average at best. None of the songs really make an impression. Cinematography by Senthil Kumar stands out, but frankly speaking his skills are not needed for such a lousy film that doesn't challenge him in anyway. Editing is standard. Dialogues are mediocre. Production values are decent.

Thumbs Up:

Emotional scenes

Thumbs Down:

Everything else


Vijetha has 'run of the mill' embossed on it in each and every scene. There isn't a single scene that has any freshness. The protagonist sets up a business called 'surprise planners', but his surprises are as stale as the scenes written by director Sashi. How did Sai Korrapati find this idea exciting enough to make a movie and why did Chiranjeevi pick this story for launching his son in law as an actor? These are the questions that will keep haunting you throughout this boring film.

The cliched scenes are neither entertaining nor engaging. A gang of friends hardly provides any humor and the chemistry between the lead pair is totally missing. Even father and son emotions seem like we are watching a dated television serial. The film's best moments come from Murali Sharma who is believable as a middle class man who sacrifices everything for his family. Even the realization part of the protagonist isn't done in a striking way. Director fails to come up with powerful emotional scenes that could lift the film from its mediocrity.

Kalyan Dhev isn't a great actor and still needs a lot of fine tuning. If he is the reason for you to pick this film out of weekend releases, then you are in for disappointment. Emotional climax may appeal to people that like television soaps. Vijetha doesn't have any added attractions like good music or nice comedy. It will just make you cringe in the seats with unending boredom. The film will face an uphill task to reach anywhere close to safe zone with this content. To sum it up, Vijetha is a bad start to Kalyan Dhev's career. Better luck next time.

Verdict: Not A Winner!