Movie Review: Rajugadu

| Romance-Comedy | 2018-06-01

Raj Tarun, Amyra Dastur, Rajendra Prasad, Rao Ramesh, Nagineedu, Sijju, Sitara, Prudhvi, Subbaraju and others

Director - Sanjana Reddy
Producer - Rambrahmam Sunkara
Banner - AK Entertainments
Music - Gopi Sunder

Protagonist having a non-fatal disorder and the fun happening around it is one of the proved successful concepts in Tollywood. Following the trend set by movies like Bhale Bhale Magadivoy and Mahanubhavudu, debut director Sanjana Reddy made a film with the lead character suffering from Kleptomania. The story idea has been penned by Maruthi, but Sanjana couldn't pull off an enjoyable entertainer like him.

What is it about?

Raju (Raj Tarun) suffers from Kleptomania, which means he has the urge of stealing things. His life is in a mess because of this disorder. He couldn't get a girl and always lands in embarrassing situations. Despite his disorder Raju falls in love with Tanvi (Amyra). He hides about his disorder, but gets into bigger trouble as her family hates thieves. How does he wins Tanvi and her family's love in spite of his disorder forms rest of the story.


It is usual stuff for Raj Tarun in spite of an interesting characterization. His performance is very casual. Amyra Dastur has impressive looks but has limited talent as an actor. Rajendra Prasad is good as Raj's father. Sitara complemented him well with a dignified performance. Rao Ramesh has limited role but makes his presence felt with his typical villager accent. Nagineedu goes overboard in his character that is reminiscent of the one he played in Maryada Ramanna. Subba Raju, Prudhvi and other comedians tries too hard to make us laugh. Sijju, Praveen and Raja Ravindra played important supporting roles.


Sanjana Reddy did a fine job in making a decent product in terms of quality. She knows the craft, but couldn't come up with a solid script for her debut film. She took a stale idea from Maruthi and has written a very bad screenplay for it. Movies like Rajugadu demand high doses of comedy, but Sanjana couldn't pen down enjoyable comedy scenes.

Music by Gopi Sunder doesn't have any catchy tunes but sounds okay. Background score also is fine. Cinematography is impressive with vibrant and colorful visuals. Songs shot abroad are on par with high budget films. Dialogues lacked punch and are unimpressive. Editing is bad with many lags in between. Production values are decent.

Thumbs Up:

Comedy in bits and pieces


Thumbs Down:

Bad screenplay

Poor comedy

Routine second half

Unbearable climax sequence


Rajugadu follows the template of Bhale Bhale Magadivoy and Mahanubhavudu in terms of characterization. However, it is not even a patch on those films in terms of execution. Kleptomania does sound hilarious as an idea, but it didn't translate into an enjoyable film. The protagonist character is not developed properly. Neither the hilarious side nor the emotional inner conflict of the lead character has been explored. There isn't much fun even when Raju falls in love with Tanvi by hiding his weakness.

The writing is so bad and in poor taste most of the times. Prudhvi's scientist setup and him trying to find a medicine for Kleptomania is so eighties idea of humor. Scenes between Raju and his parents get repetitive with little fun and the story doesn't move forward until the interval point. As predicted, Raju's love with Tanvi faces a test as the location shifts to her house. The setup and the characters in village are stale and stereotype. Cutting off hands of thieves just to make the viewers worry about the protagonist's fate is a cheap idea. Such things don't work with today's audience.

First half is okay with some fun moments here and there, but second half is a big bore with routine setup and unending clichés. There is a desperate attempt to give it a hilarious ending, but the climax sequence ends up as an unbearable mess with scenes and dialogue that could hardly tickle you. There is so much talent at display both on and behind the screen, but the director makes very less use of it. Rajugadu's main problem lies in its script that cries for better treatment right from the word go.

Rajugadu has potential but suffers because of uninspiring writing and underdeveloped characters. A few moments can be enjoyed by the masses, but it is not worth buying a ticket. It is a couple of notches better than Officer that was released today. But the below average stuff wouldn't be enough to reach safe mark at box office. So, Raj Tarun's struggles to find success continued with Rajugadu. He should stop running after stale ideas and look forward to offering something novel to the audience.

Verdict: Rajugadu Fails to Steal Hearts!