Movie Review: Officer

| Action | 2018-06-01

Nagarjuna, Myra Sareen, Ajay, Sayaji Shinde and others

Director - Ram Gopal Varma, Sudheer Chandra
Producer - Ram Gopal Varma
Banner - Company
Music - Ravi Shankar

Nagarjuna and RGV teaming up after twenty five years has grabbed eyeballs initially. But RGV successfully killed the excitement around the film with bizarrely cut trailers and teasers. However, a few optimistic fans still had hopes that Officer would offer something special from the Shiva duo. Officer turned out to be as bizarre as its promos with weird camera angles and absolutely pointless story and screenplay.

What is it about?

Shivaji Rao (Nagarjuna) is appointed as the special officer to investigate allegations against Mumbai Police officer Pasari. Soon Shivaji realizes that Pasari is not a person but an entire system who is running mafia in Mumbai. Pasari tries to outsmart Shivaji and the tug of war begins.


Nagarjuna's age defying looks will leave us mesmerized. He had put in a lot of hard work to look fit and perfect as a tough cop. He tried his best to make Officer an engaging fare, but he has been left helpless with an incoherent script. The actor who played Pasari is expressionless and a total miscast. Ajay and Sayaji Shinde made their presence felt. The child actor who played Nag's daughter is cute and expressive.


Ram Gopal Varma did everything that he has been doing lately. There is little focus on story in spite of having a saleable star like Nagarjuna as the lead. A decent script would have made Officer a watchable fare, but RGV refuses to put some thought into writing. All he does is place the camera in the weirdest possible angles and have fun. His ardent fans might have hoped some sort of a comeback from the genius filmmaker, but RGV misuses a great opportunity given by Nagarjuna.  

The film has very low production values that it looks like a rookie's work in most of the frames. RGV's films used to have great technical values, but Officer is no better than any of his recent works in terms of technicalities. Music is loud, confusing and out of sync most of the times. Cinematography is bad. Everything about the film is very bad that we just pity the actors for being part of such a dismal film with unforgivably low production values.

Thumbs Up:

Nagarjuna's look

Thumbs Down:






Officer might not have generated curiosity or raised expectations if Nagarjuna isn't a part of it. Nagarjuna teaming up with his 'Shiva' director after twenty five years has made headlines. With Nag on board, one would expect the film to be a watchable one in spite of being aware of RGV's recent track record. However, like Sarkar 3 with Big B, Officer also turns out to be another dud from the director of masterful classics like Shiva, Company and Satya.

RGV yet again sticks to his template of cops and mafia. This time he explores the bad in the police department itself. It must have sounded like a nice idea on paper, but like always RGV just goes to the sets with a single line story. There is no thought put into the script that it turns out to be a pointless film with disjointed screenplay. Vintage RGV would have done wonders with the same line, but the current RGV just focuses upon weird camera angles and 'new sound'.

First half is bearable to an extent, but the second half tests the patience of viewers with nonstop action scenes with people shooting guns all the time. None of the twists and turns makes sense. All the actors including Nagarjuna appear clueless after a point. There is a thread of father and daughter to give an emotional touch to this action film. But those scenes are heavily dramatic and make the film even boring. Climax fight between hero and villain goes on and on and comes to an abrupt end as if they had run out of funds all of a sudden.

Ram Gopal Varma's films used to be thoroughly entertaining with novel themes, entertaining characters, thrilling elements and technical finesse. He has lost it completely that he is unable to undo some of his recent traits in spite of getting a nod from frontline actor to play the lead. Officer will go down as another dud from RGV who desperately needs a break. It is better to watch his old films to admire his brilliance than watching duds like Officer and lose respect for him. This is a film that will not please you a bit even after going with zero expectations.

Verdict: Nonsensical!