Movie Review: Nela Ticket

| Action | 2018-05-25

Raviteja, Malvika Sharma, Jagapathi Babu, Sarath Babu, Sampath Raj, Brahmanandam, Subbaraju and others

Director - Kalyan Krishna Kurasala
Producer - Rajani Talluri
Banner - SRT Entertainments
Music - Shaktikanth Karthik

Raviteja playing to the galleries with mass appealing title like Nela Ticket should offer enough entertainment for the audience to be a passable entertainer. But Kalyan Krishna somehow managed to make a movie that is unbearable and utterly boring from the word go. Even energetic Raviteja couldn't do much to save this from being a dud.

What is it about?

Raviteja is an orphan who yearns to have a family. He helps and goes to any extent for people who come to him for help. An evil politician Aditya Bhupati (Jagapathi Babu) uses his power to suppress the dreams of many. He even kills his father (Sarath Babu) for the sake of wealth. While Aditya aims to become Chief Minister of the state, Raviteja who has a strong reason to oppose him confronts him and the tug of war between them begins.


Raviteja's looks and styling are similar to his previous two films Raja The Great and Touch Chesi Chudu. A lean physique and photo shop are unable to hide his age. His performance has become monotonous and the characterization turns out weak. Raviteja's trademark energy also has been missing throughout the film. Malvika Sharma is too young to play Raviteja's love interest. She looked like a teenager beside him. Malvika's glamour show might please Nela Ticket audience, but her limited acting skills have been exposed in many scenes.

Jagapathi Babu is also getting monotonous with his villain characters. His stylish looks and powerful screen presence aren't able to cover the flaws in his characterization. Comedians like Posani, Brahmanandam, Prudhvi, Jayaprakash Reddy, Praveen and Priyadarshi are present but none of them could make us laugh. Even reliable Brahmaji and experienced Subbaraju, Shivaji Raja have come up with cringe worthy performances.


Kalyan Krishna Kurasala who scored back to back hits with Soggade Chinni Nayana and Rarandoi Veduka Chuddam has written an outdated story for Nela Ticket. He couldn't even write an interesting characterization for Raviteja and as a result the movie turned out to be a marathon bore. Kalyan Krishna's narration and direction also seemed dated for a 2018 film.

Shaktikanth Karthik who did a commendable job for Fidaa has failed to repeat the magic this time. None of the songs are catchy and the background score is unimpressive. Cinematography is fine. The camera work in capturing the chase sequences stands out. There is so much footage that could have been easily edited out of the final cut. Production values are good.

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Everything else

Nela Ticket doesn't take much time to make the audience rue their decision to watch it. It's a total dud from the word go. Films that seem real and natural are being lapped up by the audience now. People are no longer watching so called commercial films with artificiality embossed all over. Nothing about Nela Ticket seems real and heartfelt although it has a familiar theme 'good vs evil'. Drama is staged and the emotions are forced that it fails to tug the heartstrings. The protagonist trying to see family in everyone turns out to be a tacky affair with nonsensical scenes.
The biggest problem of Nela Ticket lies in its script. The storyline itself is an outdated one and the director makes it in eighties style with a song-cut to-scene-cut to-fight template. There is so much effort put into the comedy department, but sadly the humor also turns out to be stale. First half of the film runs on and on without any content. The actual plotline is revealed only during the interval scene and it is so elaborate that it almost gives away everything that is going to be seen in the second half.

Intermission episodes generally raise hopes on the second half, but Nela Ticket does a favor by not raising any such false hopes. There is not a single twist that excites or makes the dozing audience attentive. It runs on a flat note from the beginning to end. There are many lows but not a single high in the entire movie, which is a terrible sign for a mass masala movie. The emotional interactions between the characters are laughable and the actors going overboard only worsened the effect.

Even flop films of Raviteja are entertaining to an extent because of his energy, but in Nela Ticket he remains to be a mere spectator. His screen presence and funny interactions with friends and the female lead are okay but never lifts the spirits. The title itself is a poor attempt at grabbing the attention of masses. There is no relevance to hero's character in spite of numerous references to it. All in all, Nela Ticket is a film that is not worth your ticket. It will go down as another forgettable film for Raviteja who suffered a big flop at the beginning of this year.

Verdict: Outdated!