Review: Naa Peru Surya

168 mins | Action | 2018-05-04

Allu Arjun, Anu Emmanuel, Arjun, Sharath Kumar, Nadhiya, Vennela Kishore, Boman Irani and others

Director - Vakkantam Vamsi
Producer - Sirisha Sridhar Lagadapati
Banner - Ramalakshmi Cine Creations
Music - Vishal - Sekhar

After doing a string of masala films, Allu Arjun steps into a patriotic drama in which he plays a soldier with anger management issues. Successful writer Vakkantam Vamsi made debut as director with Naa Peru Surya - Naa illu India. Allu Arjun as soldier is the main highlight of this action packed patriotic drama.

What is it about?

Surya (Allu Arjun) is an able soldier, but doesn't get posted in border due to his hyper aggressive attitude. He kills a terrorist in custody and gets dismissed from Army. He should get a certificate from a psychology professor (Arjun) to get back his job. The professor is none other than Surya's dad, who disowns him as a kid because of his aggressive nature. Surya fails to impress him and the professor gives him a task of controlling his anger for twenty one days. In the process, Surya loses his own identity and plays blind eye to all the atrocities around him. After realizing his mistake, Surya fights against Challa (Sharath Kumar) who is creating troubles to fellow Indians.

Allu Arjun comes up with his career best performance as Surya. The styling, body, demeanor, mannerisms, and the cigar make him look entirely different from the Allu Arjun we have seen to date. He has got into the skin of the character and makes us believe that he is indeed a soldier suffering from anger management issues. Opening sequences, interval scene and the pre climax and climax scenes prove his caliber as an actor. He doesn't miss out to entertain fans with his innovative dance moves.

Anu Emmanuel has a very little role to play in the film. She is good within her limitations. Arjun is aptly cast in a dignified role as psychology professor. Sharath Kumar's character is under developed in spite of a terrific introduction scene. Sai Kumar, Rao Ramesh, Nadhiya, Vennela Kishore and Posani are good in their respective supporting roles.


Vakkantam Vamsi made an honest attempt to make a meaningful film for his debut. Naa Peru Surya is a subject that can be done in a total commercial way by playing to the galleries. In spite of having certain commercial elements, Vamsi remained loyal to the theme of the film. He made it an emotional and more personal film rather going for masala stuff. He did well in getting the characterization of Surya right. There are ample scenes that stand out and prove his capabilities as a filmmaker. However, he couldn't run the film in a gripping way. There are many instances where the screenplay goes haywire. The screenplay is one-dimensional and gets preachy towards the end.
Music is strictly average. A couple of songs are good on screen, but they lack the mass appeal that is associated with an Allu Arjun's album. Cinematography is very good. Cameraman did a wonderful job in capturing the real locations of military episodes. Camera work in action scenes is praiseworthy. Editing could have been better. There are many lags in between. Dialogues are impressive. Production values are excellent.
Thumbs Up:

Allu Arjun

Opening sequences

Interval and pre climax scenes

Action scenes

Thumbs Down:

 Weak screenplay

 Dull second half         


Naa Peru Surya starts off with a bang with terrific intro scenes of the protagonist. Director does well to establish the characterization of Surya with some powerful scenes that set the tone of the film. However, it loses steam after some time and goes forward at a sluggish pace. Counseling scenes between Allu Arjun and Arjun, the romance track on the lead pair are very ordinary. Things go downhill until the confrontation scene between Arjun and Allu Arjun, which is written and executed well. Intermission fight scene is superb and ends the first half on a good note.

Second half opens on a dull note with Surya character turning passive for the sake of reaching his goal. Scenes during this part are elementary as they don't make any sense and look forced and overtly cinematic. Meanwhile, director sets up a sub plot on Sai Kumar for concluding the story. As expected Sai Kumar's character is used as a catalyst to ignite fire in Surya's character and redeem himself. The realization part is done well. The scenes that follow are also shot in a powerful way elevating heroism. Villain character is weakened in the process. Climax however turns too preachy with too much patriotism.

It is a character driven script which is shouldered by Allu Arjun all the way. Director hardly focuses on other elements like family drama and emotions in spite of having scope to make it a complete film. Too much emphasis on the protagonist characterization didn't let Vakkantam Vamsi to see elsewhere and cover up the weaknesses in the script. There is action, songs and some humor, but the lack of an engaging screenplay turned out to be its biggest weakness.

Allu Arjun is so terrific that he had almost single handedly pulled it off in spite of weak writing. However, an actor can only make the scene work with his charisma but couldn't cover the hollowness in the script. First half is decent but second half is too weak except for a couple of well written and well acted scenes. Lack of mass appealing songs, entertainment and other elements that are associated with an Allu Arjun starrer will make it tough for Naa Peru Surya to be a safe venture. It is enjoyable in parts, but disappoints on a whole. You may watch it for Allu Arjun's fantastic performance and well designed action scenes.

Verdict: Surya Shines, But the Script Doesn't!