Review: Chal Mohan Ranga

| Love | 2018-04-05

Nithin, Megha Akash, Rao Ramesh, Lissy, Naresh and others

Director - Krishna Chaitanya
Producer - Nikhita Reddy
Banner - Sreshth Movies
Music - Thaman

Chal Mohan Ranga is twenty fifth film of Nithin. His favorite actor Pawan Kalyan and favorite director Trivikram backed the film by presenting and penning the story respectively. Let's find out whether Chal Mohan Ranga turns out to be a landmark film in Nithin's career or not.

What is it about?

Mohan Ranga (Nithin) dreams of going to US and settling down in life. He takes a bizarre route to get entry into United States and also manages to get a job. He accidentally meets Megha (Megha Akash) with whom he falls in love. She too loves him but hesitates to express it. The couple gets separated and how they unite forms rest of the story.


Nithin has been in good form as an actor. He is confidently pulling off comedy scenes and is impressive in emotional scenes. He did nothing wrong as an actor in this one too. Megha Akash of Lie fame is an average actress. Rao Ramesh is okay in a routine character. Lissy comes back on screen after a longtime. Pammi shares some fun moments as Nithin's best buddy in the film. Madhu Nandan and Satya are good in their respective roles. Naresh, Pavitra, Prabhas Srinu and Sanjay played supporting roles.


Krishna Chaitanya imitates Trivikram style in and out. There is Trivikram's stamp all over the film as the young director tries to recreate the magic of master dialog writer. Krishna Chaitanya succeeded in coming up with some lines that are strikingly similar to that of Trivikram's. He handled the comedy part well, but failed to write an engaging screenplay. The film drags on and on in the second hour and tests the viewer's patience. Story written by Trivikram has nothing new to offer and Krishna Chaitanya told it in a flat manner.

Thaman's music is above average. Pedda puli and Vaaram songs are good on screen. Background music is fine too. The film has colorful and vibrant visuals of rural Tamilnadu and USA. Editing is crisp in first half, but not up to the mark post interval. Production values are good.

Thumbs Up:


Comedy scenes

Thumbs Down:

Flat screenplay

Dragging second half


Chal Mohan Ranga has a template story of boy meets girl, fall in love, separation and getting back together. Trivikram's story offer nil novelty and director Krishna Chaitanya came up with a disengaging screenplay that doesn't offer a single high. There are some comedy bits that work in parts though.

Initial scenes of introduction of Mohan Ranga character and his attempts to get an US Visa are fun. We expect the romance track to be entertaining as well, but it gets boring after a while. Comedy scenes keep the interest levels alive, but it is all downhill post interval. The story is very predictable and director fails to create some impactful drama to make it work.

Second half drags on and on with a few routine twists. Director falls back on comedy in the second half too. There are a couple of lengthy comedy episodes on Nithin-Satya in a hotel room and the pre wedding reception scene that offer some laughs. Apart from these scenes, there is hardly anything in the story that makes you glued to your seats.
Chal Mohan Ranga may seem average if you are okay with some comedy bits. It will disappoint big time if you are looking for engaging story and interesting drama. One would expect more with many big names involved, but all CMR manages to offer is some humor here and there. It may struggle to hold its ground after the initial buzz dies down.        

Verdict: Ranga Ranga!