Review: Needi Naadi Oke Katha

| Love | 2018-03-23

Sri Vishnu, Satna Titus, Devi Prasad, Posani Krishna Murali and others

Director - Venu Udugula
Producer - Prashanti, Krishna Vijay
Banner - Sri Vaishnavi Creations, Aran Media Works
Music - Suresh Bobbili

Needi Naadi Oke Katha has generated good buzz among film enthusiasts with hard-hitting promos and songs. The film is about an under achiever who couldn't excel in studies and live up to his father's expectations.

What is it about?

Sagar (Sri Vishnu) is the son of Rudraraju Devi Prasad, a lecturer (Devi Prasad). Sagar couldn't complete his graduation as he cannot clear his backlogs despite many attempts. One fine day he realizes that he is not cut for it and says the same to his father. His father throws him out of the house. How Sagar leads his life in spite of having no proper education? Is education so important to lead a happy life?


Sri Vishnu is evolving as an actor. He is a natural actor who doesn't try too hard to impress. His flexible body language and boy-next-door looks helps him to get into the skin of the character. It never feels like he is acting at any moment. He simply lives the character and that is a commendable talent. Satna Titus is an average looking woman. She did alright as the female lead. Devi Prasad is good in father's role. He is very believable as an inflexible father. The actor who played Vishnu's sister is also good. Posani Krishna Murali appears as a personality development coach. Nara Rohit appears in a blink and miss cameo.


Venu Udugula made an honest attempt with NNOK. He wants to give a strong message to the society. His way of presenting the film in a raw manner (in Dogme 95 style) is impressive. He has deep understanding of human emotions and he had successfully brought them on screen. He also excels as a dialog writer. He is able to generate good humor in a serious subject. He's definitely a talent to watch out for.

Music is a bit over the top. There are far too many songs in the film which is absolutely not needed. Background score is jarring at times. Editing is neat. Cinematography keeps the film grounded with natural lighting and without flashy camera work.

Thumbs Up:

Sri Vishnu's performance



Thumbs Down:

Too much melodrama

Slow paced


Needi Naadi Oke Katha is about a person who cannot excel in studies. Many youngsters can identify themselves in the protagonist. The conflict between father and son is universal and has been explored many times on screen. Director Venu Udugula takes a non-cinematic approach and deals the conflict in a realistic way. We have seen many films where the protagonist has a special talent and is opposed by his father. NNOK is about a youth who doesn't have any goal or talent. He reminds us of the protagonist from 7/G Brindavan Colony.

While 7/G is a romantic tale, NNOK deals with the conflict between father and son. Father wants his son to finish studies and settle down in a decent job. But the son gives up on education and decides to take up some job that doesn't need any qualification. Initial scenes focused the character establishment of Sagar are very entertaining. Sri Vishnu makes it enjoyable with his delightful Nellore accent. However, it gets preachy once the heroine enters the scene. Sagar taking personality development classes and trying to focus on studies gets monotonous.

There is a sudden turn of events when Sagar gives up on his efforts to clear the exams. The female lead also has an unexplained sudden crush on Sagar which brings sudden changes in her character. This part is unconvincing and it gets boring with Ooty episode. It only gets back on track in the third act where the protagonist confronts his father and expresses his inner feelings. Drama thickens as protagonist tries to explain his father that education is not needed to lead a happy life. However, these scenes are not done in a convincing way and look outright dramatic.

Climax is predictable, but the emotional impact and Sri Vishnu's performance makes it worth watching. It will surely make everyone think. The film raises right questions about the way we live. It says that it is not important to live for the sake of society. It guides parents in the right way. It talks about dignity of labor and importance of money. All in all, NNOK is an important film that should be seen by the youth and parents. Downside it is a preachy and heavy film that may not appeal to the majority of audience. It may not be successful on the commercial front, but will be lauded as a well-intentioned, honest film.

Verdict: One of us!