Movie Review: Kirrak Party

| Love | 2018-03-16

Nikhil, Simran Parneeja, Samyuktha Hegde, Brahmaji and others

Director - Sharan Koppisetty
Producer - Sunkara Ramabrahmam
Banner - AK Entertainments
Music - Ajaneesh Lokanath

Kirrak Party is an official remake of Kannada hit Kirrik Party. The film is directed by debutant Sharan under AK Entertainments. Nikhil who made debut as actor with a college drama Happy Days is back to the genre and this time as a solo lead.

What is it about?

Krishna (Nikhil) is a typical fun loving youth who falls in love with his senior Meera (Simran). While love is brewing between them, a tragedy strikes and Krishna turns emotional and serious. His junior Satya (Samyukta) is madly in love with him, but he hardly notices her. How Krishna turns normal from being materialistic forms rest of the story.


Nikhil has evolved as an actor. His performance in the interval scene is very impressive. He pulled off the character that has multiple shades with panache. Simran is cute but Samyukta doesn't impress. Actors who played hero's friends did well. Brahmaji and Sijju are natural in their respective roles.


Sharan Koppisetty has largely stick with the original besides a few subtle changes to the script. The director knows his craft well. He handled the film without any fumbles, but he should have taken care about adding scenes that appeal to our audience than sticking to the original. There is a lot of lag in the film that will leave you absolutely bored with its aimless script.

Music is fine. A couple of songs are good. Background score also creates an impact. Cinematographer also did a neat job by presenting it in a non-flashy, no-nonsense style. Editing should have been better as there are many lags in the film that adds no value to the script. Production values are good.

Thumbs Up:



Thumbs Down:

Weak plot

Dull Second half

Familiar setting


Kirrik Party was a big hit in Kannada as it was their first film that focuses on campus life. But Telugu audience has seen many films that have explored campus life. Films like Happy Days, Chitram and many others have done this theme to the death. So remaking a film that offers nothing special from previous campus films is a huge mistake. There isn't anything special about the plot that would engage its viewers. In fact, the plot of the film is very weak that it had to rely upon lengthy episodes on friends and the lead pair.
Most of the scenes just eat up the time without making any impact. Apart from a few gags here and there even the fun episodes didn't click. First half of the film is okay with the junior-senior fights and the scenes between friends. It takes an interesting turn at the interval with the protagonist getting the shock of his life. Second half starts on a different tone as the protagonist transforms into a serious senior from a cheerful fresher. Surprisingly the transformation doesn't bring any notable difference to the screenplay.
A lengthy college election episode and the exams episode almost cover half of the run time. Second female leads obsession or her confrontations with the protagonist aren't half engaging. Climax portion is good with neatly portrayed emotions. Protagonist realizing his inner self and correcting his mistakes has been executed well. Last fifteen minutes of the film is impressive, but that isn't enough to help it achieve the 'pass mark'.

Even target audience will be left underwhelmed with this unrelatable, pointless film which tries hard to be another Happy Days or Premam. All it could manage is to look like their poor copy. It will struggle to stand its ground after the initial euphoria around it dies down. All in all, Kirrak Party is a disappointment.

Verdict: Boring Party!