Movie Review: Ye Mantram Vesave

| Romance-Action | 2018-03-09

Vijay Deverakonda, Shivani Singh, Sivannarayana and others

Director - Sridhar Marri
Producer - Sridhar Marri
Banner - Goli Soda Films
Music - Abdus Samad

Arjun Reddy fame Vijay Deverakonda's long delayed film Ye Mantram Vesave is finally out in theaters. The film is so bad that Vijay stayed away from promoting it.

What is it about?

Nikhil aka Nikki (Vijay) is a video game enthusiast. He not only derives fun but also makes money out of playing games on the internet. Raga Malika alias Rags (Shivani) is a video game designer who makes an all new game that needs people to come out on roads to play it. She chooses Nikki as the right man to play her game for real. How Rags plays with Nikki using her gaming tricks forms rest of the story.


The film is five years old and Vijay seems to be underprepared as an actor. His natural charm is there, but he appeared clueless in most of the scenes. Director's poor vision has to be blamed for the bad show of actors. Shivani is neither beautiful nor can act. She just stares blankly into the camera and the only expression she could do it right is to smile. Besides Amrutham Sivannarayana none of the supporting cast is known.


Sridhar Marri's idea to give a strong social message is commendable, but he has come up with a very bad script and executed it in even amateurish way. There is not a single worthy element to mention from the technical side. Music is bad, dialogues are boring, cinematography is horrendous and the editor must have had put in so much hard work put everything in order. Bad shot making, bad framing, bad background score and what not, the film is a mess on the technical front.

Thumbs Up:

Vijay's boyish charm

Thumbs Down:

Everything else


Vijay Deverakonda is surely not proud of being part of Ye Mantram Vesave. He didn't even come for the promotions and simply mentioned that he too had 'backlogs' hinting at the long delayed project. He must have signed this film when he was struggling for offers. The film got delayed, and then Pelli Choopulu happened and rest is history.

Ye Mantram Vesave will go down as a forgettable film for the young and talented actor. The film is horrendous from the word go. It is like watching a poor B grade film with hardly any budget. Even short films are being made with better quality and production values lately.

The film is based on the concept that youth is getting lost in the digital world and not giving values to human emotions. It could have been a much better film in the right hands. Story and screenplay are pretty bad and the director executes it like an apprentice. Director tried to fool the audience by creating a fake villain, but the attempt backfired as the climax ended up as a mess.

The film is based on a game and not even one scene makes it a thrilling watch. The game is as boring as the rest of the film. There are forced emotions too, but we as audience could hardly feel the pain they go through. In fact audience will go through hell watching this horrible film than anyone else.

All in all, YVM is a film that will make audience wish that the theaters were remained closed for another week. Vijay must be hoping that the film goes unnoticed and forgotten soon.

Verdict: This Ain't Magical Spell, its Hell!