Movie Review: Manasuku Nachindi

| Love | 2018-02-17

Sundeep Kishan, Amyra Dastur, Tridha Choudhary, Priyadarshi, Nasser, Abhay, Punarnavi Bhupalam, Arun Adith and others

Director - Manjula Ghattamaneni
Producer - Kiran, Sanjay Swarup
Banner - Anandi Art Creations
Music - Radhan

Mahesh Babu's elder sister Manjula turned director with Manasuku Nachindi, a romantic drama focused on a confused couple. One would expect the film to offer a bit of freshness, but it turns out to be a tedious fare with stale and outdated script.

What is it about?

Suraj (Sundeep) and Nithya (Amyra) runaway from their own marriage as their elders mistook their friendship as love. Suraj and Nithya fall in love with another girl and boy (Arun and Tridha). But later realizes their true love for each other.


Sundeep is good as the boy next door. His styling and looks are done right. He came up with a laudable performance as a confused youth. Amyra is an amateur and couldn't do justice to a performance oriented role. Tridha sizzled in bikinis and Arun is okay in a limited role. Priyadarshi is alright. Punarnavi and Nasser performances add to the emotional aspect.


Manjula Ghattamaneni's love for nature and her ideologies towards life are evident. However she gets preachy with the subject of meditation and love for nature. The story penned by her has striking resemblance to movies like Nuvve Kavali, Nuvvu Leka Nenu Lenu etc. There is hardly any freshness in the script or execution.

Music by Radhan is strictly average. Ravi Yadav's camera work is the best thing about the film. His camera captures Goa and its nature beautifully. Editing is awry. Dialogues are tiresome. Production values are just fine.

Thumbs Up:

Sundeep Kishan


Thumbs Down:

Routine script

Outdated execution

Dragging screenplay

A couple being brought up together don't realize their true feelings for each other. They only come to know that they love each other after falling in love with other persons. This story is as old as hills and was done to death in Tollywood. There were super hits and super duds with similar plot line.

Surprisingly, Majula takes up such an outdated storyline for her directorial debut. She made an attempt to present it differently by incorporating few things like love for nature, but such things get overly dramatic and unbearable after a point. A little girl chasing a butterfly, the protagonist realizing his love for photography, lead actress taking meditation classes etc. gives a television serial feel to it.

None of the love stories are charming enough to capture the interest of the viewers. Everything in the film has that 'been-there-seen-that' feel to it. Even the emotions fail to tug the hearts because of poor direction. Most of the emotional scenes are shot on Amyra, who is a bad actress and she fails miserably in getting it right. The film is stretched beyond a point in spite of predictable ending.

The much publicized Mahesh Babu's voice over is restricted to a single scene, which is a huge disappointment for fans. Manjula should come up with innovative ideas if she is hoping for a career as a filmmaker. Films like Manasuku Nachindi don't take her anywhere. This will go down as another flop for struggling Sundeep Kishan, who seems absolutely clueless about what to do.

Verdict: Sleep inducing romance.