Movie Review: Toliprema

| Love | 2018-02-10

Varun Tej, Rashi Khanna, Suhasini, Naresh, Priyadarshi, Aadi and others

Director - Venky Atluri
Producer - BVSN Prasad
Banner - Sri Venkateswara Cine Chitra LLP
Music - S. Thaman

Toliprema is yet another romantic entertainer from Varun Tej who scored a massive blockbuster with his previous outing Fidaa. Toliprema is directed by actor turned director Venky who does a decent job in handling a coming of age love story.

What is it about?

Aditya (Varun) is an aggressive young man who falls in love with his co passenger Varsha (Rashi). While everything is going fine between the couple Adi's aggression creates rift between them. They break up and meet again after six years. Can they work out their differences and be together again?


Varun Tej has come up with a matured performance. He is very good in the three phases of life. His styling is superb and he is getting better as an actor with each film. Rashi Khanna gets an author backed role and she is very impressive as Varsha. Priyadarshi is good as the hero's close friend. Jabardast fame Aadi is used for the sake of humor. Naresh, Suhasini and Vidyulleka Raman are good in their respective roles.


Venky Atluri did a fine job in narrating this love story that is based on the clash of personalities. The director has a very good aesthetic sense and poetic style of narration that makes it a special film. However, Venky loses track midway and slips into routine mode in the second half which restricts the range of the film.

Thaman does a wonderful job as the composer. All the songs are well composed and also are shot well. He aced the background score too. It is easily one of his finest works. Cinematography is excellent with vibrant visuals. Editing is neat. Dialogues are good in parts. Production values are topnotch.

Thumbs Up:

First half

Lead pair


Thumbs Down:

Routine second half


Tholi Prema starts off as an interesting take on new age romance, but slips into the regular template in the second half. Director Venky who handled the first half with utmost conviction falls into the trap of commercial aspect in the second half by playing it very safe. The film has the makings of a classic, but ends up as just another love story.

First half of the film is supremely entertaining with beautiful scenes between the lead pair. The train journey and the college episodes have come out well. The story reaches intermission point with a nice conflict. However, all the freshness vanishes and it looks like a regular love story in the second half. It turns extremely predictable too.

There is so much lag in the middle that could have been avoided. The film drags on and on as it reaches the climax. Director Venky should have opted for a different second half rather falling into the commercial zone. That being said, Tholi Prema works for its impressive first half and well crafted emotions. Debut director is aided by seasoned campaigners like Thaman and George who lifted the spirits with their wonderful work.

Tholi Prema is targeted at A centers crowds and overseas audience. It will surely strike a chord with the target audience. It will be lapped up by the youth, which is going to be its biggest strength in box office point of view. Also this is easily the best option among the movies that are currently running in theaters.

Verdict: A beautiful journey of Love.