Movie Review: 2 Countries

| Love & Comedy | 2017-12-29

Sunil, Manisha Raj, Sanjana, Srinivasa Reddy, Prudhvi, Naresh, Sayaji Shinde, Sitara and others

Director - N. Shankar
Producer - N. Shankar
Banner - Mahalakshmi Arts
Music - Gopi Sundar

Sunil has been going through very bad phase as an actor. All of his recent films bombed at the box office and the ace comedian has no clue about what to do to make his films work as the leading man. His latest film is a remake of Malayalam film 2 Countries starring Dileep and Mamata Mohandas. It is directed by veteran director N. Shankar.

What is it about?

Ullas (Sunil) looks to settle down in life by marrying a rich girl. He accidentally finds Laya (Manisha Raj) through a marriage broker. He doesn't know that she is an alcoholic. Before the couple strikes chemistry problems crop up due to Ullas's previous intentions. How does Ullas saves his marriage forms rest of the story.


Sunil did put a lot of effort to make the comedy work, but none of it works as he is total miscast in the lead role. Sunil's comedian image doesn't suit the character, which in turn made it a shoddy affair. Manisha Raj is a very bad actor and her inexperience makes the film even tiresome. Naresh's Americanized Telugu is a pain to hear. Actors like Jhansi and Raja Ravindra hams a lot. Srinivasa Reddy and Prudhvi are okay up to some extent.


Comedy is not N. Shankar's forte. He picked a wrong film and struggled to make it work as the humor in the film looks dated and in bad taste. Shankar should have stick with his strengths rather stepping out of his comfort zone.

Gopi Sundar who is usually reliable comes up with a very bad soundtrack and background score as well. Cinematography has nothing to write about. Editing is bad. Production values are not impressive. Most of the scenes are shot indoors and looks like we are watching a stage play.

Thumbs Up:

Comedy here and there

Thumbs Down:

Dated Story

Tiresome comedy

Pathetic climax

Unimpressive music


Sunil is yet to realize his actual strength as an actor. Sticking to lead roles isn't bad, but by now he should've known what works and what doesn't after years of experience. He has put on weight to look like close to his previous avatar. He used every trick in the book to tickle the audience. But sadly, he has picked up a script that doesn't suit him. 2 Countries has a decent story to be a safe family drama, but with Sunil playing the lead, director focuses too much on comedy.

It would have worked if the humor is bang on target, but it is in poor taste that it hardly clicks. There are a few funny dialogue here and there, but it is a boring film on a whole. First half of the film goes aimless with the director knitting disjointed scenes together in the name of screenplay. Second half makes us feel that the first half is somewhat bearable compared to this unending nonsense with unbearable characters.

Melodramatic climax doesn't add any value to the script and in fact makes it look even dated with cliche after testing the viewers patience. Sunil should either work with frontline directors or just switch back to playing comedy roles. Doing such mediocre films will only damage his image further. He simply doesn't have enough abilities to hold a complete film. Perhaps the mishap called 2 Countries will teach him the lesson he needs.

2 Countries is a plain boring film from the start to end with a few laughs here and there. You will definitely regret for landing in the theatre playing 2 Countries out of all other options out there. It has every chance to become another Ungarala Rambabu level of disaster at the ticket window. We can't do much but feel sorry for the plight of our favorite comedian Sunil.  

Verdict: Too Bad.