Movie Review: Malli Raava

| Love | 2017-12-08

Sumanth, Akanksha Singh, Annapurna and others

Director - Gowtam Tinnanuri
Producer - Rahul Yadav
Banner - Swadharm Entertainments
Music - Shravan Bharadwaj

Sumanth is back in action after a hiatus. His latest film Malli Raava has been buzzing on the social media with interesting promos and innovative promotions. The film did caught the attention of film lovers, but did it really live up to it?

What is it about?

Karthik (Sumanth) is left all alone after his lady love Anjali (Akanksha) breaks up with him. While Karthik is preparing to move to abroad Anjali comes back to invite him to her marriage. Meanwhile the lovers recollect their past romance in different flashbacks.


Sumanth is into forties now. Age is showing on his face, which is why he looks a bit 'mature' to play the lover boy in this film. His performance is good though. Akanksha Singh is a very good find. She can emote and also looks beautiful. Annapurna is good in the supporting role. Remaining star cast mainly consists of new actors and everyone did well within their space.


Gowtam Tinnanuri's plot is simple, but he makes it interesting by narrating it in multiple flashbacks. His writing is one of the major assets of the film. He did well in getting the emotions right towards the end. However, he should have avoided too many flashbacks which may confuse the audience if they aren't attentive.

Music is the major bonus for this film. Background score is soothing and the songs are melodious. None of the songs get in the way of the narration and are gelled well with the story. Cinematographer did a fine job in capturing the scenic locations of Konaseema. Editor had a tiring job on hands as the narrative is complex. His work is commendable. Production values are alright.

Thumbs Up:

Second half

Emotional ending



Thumbs Down:

Slow Pace

Too many flashbacks


Director Gowtam had a very ordinary plot that has been told on the screen many a time. Heroine realizing her love for the hero just days before her marriage is the plot that has been done to death by our filmmakers. However, director Gowtam made it into a beautiful romantic drama with his terrific screenplay.

The story is set in three time frames 1999, 2012 and 2017. Screenplay switches between these time periods as we get to know the reasons for previous two breakups between the lovers that are about to be separated forever. Director used both the lead characters as narrators and tells us the actual story in their perspectives.

This technique is a bit confusing at the beginning as the story keeps on switching between three time periods. While the romance is routine, director uses the office space for creating subtle humor. All the characters in the office are funny and provide good laughs at regular intervals.
Childhood episode is a bit stretched too much that it gets boring after a while. The reason for the couple's separation during their childhood is fine, but it seems unconvincing when they gets separated again. Climax is predictable, but the emotions are done right that they strike a chord with the viewers.

This film is a pure multiplex movie that may not appeal to the entertainment seeking audience. But it will surely impress the romantics with beautifully executed emotions. Had the director taken care on the screenplay in first half and had a youngster as the lead, Malli Raava would have been so better than what it is now. On a whole Malli Raava is a film that is emotionally appealing with good emotions and soothing music. It may not work on the box office front, but has the makings of a cult romance.

Verdict: Feel Good Romance.