Movie Review: Care of Surya

| Action-Thriller | 2017-11-10

Sundeep Kishan, Mehreen Pirzada, Harish Utthaman, Tulasi, Satya and others

Director - Suseendran
Producer - Chakri Chigurupati
Banner - Lakshmi Narasimha Entertainments
Music - Imman

Sundeep Kishan has been juggling between Tamil and Telugu cinema industries for a while. He is trying to get hold on both the markets by not restricting himself to one language. His latest film Care Of Surya is predominantly a Tamil film despite being marketed as a bilingual. Except a handful of actors, most of the cast consists of relatively unknown Tamil actors.

What is it about?

            Surya (Sundeep Kishan) is a catering guy who has a hot blooded friend Mahesh (Vikrant). Surya doesn't know that his sister is in love with Mahesh. Sambasivudu, a supari killer is hired on a job to eliminate Mahesh. But Surya comes to know about it and makes sure that his friend is safe. However, Sambasivudu is not an ordinary criminal to deal with.


            Sundeep Kishan is apt in the lead role. He is particularly impressive in the latter half of the film. He gets all the emotions right like a seasoned actor. Mehreen Pirzada has a very limited role and she is alright as the female lead. Harish Utthaman steals the show as the dreaded villain. He is menacing as the baddie but credits to the director for writing an interesting character. Vikrant and Satya are good in their respective roles. Tulasi is over the top and so is the actor who does the police inspector character.


    Suseendran's script is strikingly similar to his earlier film Naan Mahan Alla starring Karthi. However, his direction lacked the verve and impact that was consistent in NMA. He has handled the action part very well, but couldn't make it an engaging film on a whole.

Songs are pretty mediocre except for a melody song shot on Sundeep and Mehreen. Background score is impressive. Cinematography is neat and editing is on point. Production values are alright. The film scores on the technical front despite being made on a low budget.

Thumbs Up:                                                                       

Second half

Villain characterization

Sundeep Kishan

Thumbs Down:

First half

Ordinary family and romance scenes

Unimpressive final face-off


            Care of Surya isn't a bad film after all. It has a few episodes that will engage the viewers with thrilling action. Director Suseendran takes utmost care about the action part in the film, which really makes an impact. However, he couldn't package the film with equally good family scenes and other aspects like love and friendship.

            The story takes an eternity to get to the first plot point. It is only before the interval where things get interesting. Until then it is a painfully boring film without much excitement and entertainment. Second half of the film is much better than the first half as the screenplay races with nail-biting episodes.

            The entire process of Sundeep trying to find the whereabouts of the person that is targeting his friend is dealt in a thrilling fashion. There are many twists and turns in the second hour that makes it a different film from the regular stuff. However one has to sit through a boring, plain and bland first half to reach there.

            Care of Surya has a decent second half and well written villain character as its core strengths, but only ends up as an average fare because of the uninteresting first hour and poorly etched mother, sister and heroine characters. The film has the potential to be a taut action thriller, but a weak screenplay didn't let it go past the average mark.

            Sundeep has been evolving as an actor with each film and is making interesting choices with the scripts. Suseendran almost pulled off a Naan Mahan Alla (Naa Peru Siva) here, but sadly couldn't just get there. Let's see whether it is enough for Sundeep to pull this film to safety or not?

Verdict: Careless Surya!