Movie Review: Jai Lava Kusa

2:23 | Action | 2017-09-21

NTR, Rashi Khanna, Nivetha Thomas, Sai Kumar, Posani and others

Director - K.S. Ravindra
Producer - Nandamuri Kalyan Ram
Banner - NTR Arts
Music - Devi Sri Prasad

NTR's most awaited Jai Lava Kusa is out in theaters now. The film released amid high expectations from all corners. NTR's terrific portrayal of Jai tripled the curiosity factor on Jai Lava Kusa, in which the actor did not one but triple roles. NTR excelled in his triple role with his spectacular performance, but director K.S. Ravindra couldn't raise his game to the occasion. A lackluster screenplay and ordinary director made Jai Lava Kusa strictly average fare in spite of Tarak's supremacy.

What is it about?

Separated brothers Lava (NTR) and Kusa (NTR) accidentally meet in a car crash. Lava is a bank manager and Kusa is a thief. Kusa comes to know about Lava's problems and tells him that he would solve all his problems. Kusa has an evil plan in his mind that Lava isn't aware of. As Kusa steals money from the bank and Lava finally impresses his girl (Rashi), someone kidnaps her and also robs the money. Lava and Kusa realizes that it is their brother Jai (NTR) who did this. Jai is an evil person who wants to excel in politics. But he stammers which would be a hindrance for political speeches. So Jai wants Lava to take care of his political campaign and Kusa to impress his lady love (Nivetha).


NTR: It is impossible to put NTR's incredible performance into words. His portrayal of Jai is one of the best in recent times. As Lava and Kusa there isn't much challenge to the talented actor, but Jai is a complex character with suppressed emotions and pain. NTR just made it look easy in spite of putting in a lot of efforts into playing Jai. It is a treat to watch him as Jai, the evil man who had a very rough childhood.

Others: Rashi Khanna has a limited role. She plays the typical Telugu cinema character that suddenly realizes her love upon the hero. Nivetha Thomas also has a limited role. She got some fine moments to exhibit her acting talent though. Sai Kumar is fine and Posani is alright. Frankly speaking, there is not much to write about any other actors as it is totally a one-man show by Tarak.



It is pretty evident why NTR picked this script over many other scripts that he heard post Janatha Garage. The story of the film is a solid one. However Bobby and Kona Venkat couldn't write an engaging screenplay around it. Direction also is very ordinary as films like these needs some moments for the masses. Bobby simply cannot create those magical moments, thus restricting its reach and appeal.

Music and Others:

Usually bankable Devi Sri Prasad did a mediocre job with the sound track. Except for Ravana track, nothing stays with you. Even the background score is repetitive and largely underwhelming. Cinematography is neat. Editor could have done a better job with the pacing and runtime of the film. Dialogues are good in parts. Production values are decent.

Thumbs Up:

NTR as Jai

Drama episode on three brothers

Thumbs Down:



First half


Unlike many commercial films, Jai Lava Kusa has a solid story. The conflict between the brothers and the rivalry of Jai with his brothers has been established pretty well at the beginning itself. Childhood episodes are well shot with nice dose of emotions and drama. However, the graph hits downsiide soon after the introduction of grown up characters.

Introduction of Kusa character is plain ordinary. There is nothing entertaining or exciting about it. Lava character is introduced without much delay, but his story is very boring with unconvincing drama and lethargic narration. Even Kusa entering into Lava's shoes with a cunning plan didn't turn out as expected. All the portions involving Kusa and Lava in the first half are boring barring a few laughs.

Jai's introduction is the only worthy moment in entire first half. Terrific introduction scene of Jai sets high expectations on the second half. The premise is pretty strong as the brothers should help their evil brother to succeed in career and love in order to save themselves. Here the 'heroes' cannot use their muscle as the villain is their own brother. So the writer and director relied upon comedy to deal with this conflict.

NTR excelled in comedy and emotional scenes as well. However, the writing is very bland that Jai Lava Kusa couldn't live up to expectations. There is another fine moment in the film where Jai realizes his mistakes and love for his brothers in a stage drama episode. A couple more such scenes would have made whole lot of difference to the film. The film seriously lacked mass-friendly moments that are essential for a commercial film of this scale.

There is so much potential in the subject but the director and writers refused to tap it and simply banked upon Tarak to pull it off. He almost did it with his remarkable performance, but is ultimately let down by a half baked script. Watch it for NTR.

Verdict: Jai-ho NTR!