Movie Review: Rogue

2:14 | Romance - actio | 2017-04-01

Ishan, Mannara Chopra, Angela Krislinzki, Anup Singh Thakur, Ali, Posani and Others

Director - Puri Jagannath
Producer - CR Manohar, CR Gopi
Banner - Tanvi Films
Music - Suneel Kashyap

Puri is back to his ways of eccentric filmmaking after he scored a decent hit with Temper. After making mediocre movies like Loafer and Ism, the maverick director is back again with Rogue, which is touted to be another Idiot kind of love story. Rogue launches Kannada lad Ishan as the leading man.

What is it about?

            Chanti (Ishan) loses respect in women and love as his lover Anjali (Angela) dumps him. In a fit of rage he beats some policemen to pulp and gets jailed for a couple of years. When he returns home, he comes to know that one of the policemen (Satyadev) was badly injured and lost his livelihood during that incident. He regrets his mistake and wants to make up for it. Chanti vows to bail that family out of troubles. As he gets them out of their debt, a bigger problem awaits them in the form of a psycho (Anup) who is obsessed with Satyadev's sister Anjali (Mannara).


            Ishan is good looking and a well built guy who could be a very good action hero in the coming days. His performance is decent for a first timer. He delivered the lines with a straight face like any Puri Jagannadh's protagonist. He is particularly impressive in fight sequences. Mannara Chopra looks ordinary, but did a fairly decent job on the performance front. Angela is strictly limited to a couple of scenes. Ali fails to entertain, but Posani does what he does the best. Anup Singh's performance is over the top as the psycho. A convincing performance from the antagonist might have made it a bit tolerable.


Puri Jagannadh is totally out of ideas. He is currently running through a phase where he couldn't write anything new but for remaking and remixing his own stories from the past. Rogue doesn't have a story of any sorts. The director just keeps on dragging it for little over two hours so that it can be passed off as a feature film. Numerous fights and songs are thrown into fill in the desired runtime.

Sunil Kashyap's music is mediocre at best. He tries to mix classical and western music, but the results are horrendous. Background score is terrible. Cinematography and the locations are the only better part of the film. Rich production values ensured quality visuals.

Thumbs Up:

Few dialogues

Thumbs Down:



Rogue is a classic example of a film where the director has no clue about what he is planning to make. Puri used to be a moviemaker with a lot of clarity. He made Pokiri that had numerous sub plots with a supreme command over the narrative. He used to offer the best fan moments for the masala craving audience.

How can anybody forget the confrontation of Raviteja and Prakash Raj in Idiot or that of Pawan Kalyan and Prakash Raj from Badri? 'Eppudocham annadi kadannayya' episode from Pokiri still gives unlimited goose bumps. Where is that Puri that we know? Whom that we loved? Puri is a dedicated filmmaker who doesn't like to sit idle. But the kind of movies that he has been making lately is terrible in many ways.

Rogue goes off track right from the word go. The romance that Puri shows at the start of the movie is anything but sensible. We cannot empathize with the protagonist when his heart is broken by a selfish girl. We don't even feel a pinch when a family that refuses to forgive him despite his best efforts to bail them out of their problems. We hardly care when Ishan asks the villain to stab him for money so that he could get Satyadev operated.

First half of the film is bearable to an extent but the second half is torturous with Anup Singh taking the driver's seat. There is scope for an interesting duel between the Rogue protagonist and the psycho antagonist. Puri doesn't use that opportunity to redeem the film. Like any other Puri's recent movies, Rogue is so loud that it could win a Nandi if there is one for the loudest film of the year.

Rogue is a terrible waste of time, money and energy. It would exhaust even the diehard fans of the director with its astoundingly silly second half. Watch it at your own risk.

Verdict: Skip it.