Saptagiri Express

| | 2016-12-23

Saptagiri, Roshni, Posani Krishnamurali, Ali, Shankar and Others

Director - Arun Pawar
Producer - Ravi Kirane
Banner - Sai Celluloid Pvt. Ltd.
Music - Bulganin

Every popular comedian will play a lead role in at least a couple of movies in his career. We have seen many comedians trying their luck as heroes and now it is Saptagiri's turn to don the hero's hat. Saptagiri Express directed by Arun Pawar is a fully packaged commercial comedy, but missed the target by a mile because of poorly written script.

What is it about?

Saptagiri (Saptagiri) is a wannabe actor, but his constable father wants to see him as a police officer. Saptagiri gives up on his acting dreams as his father gets killed on duty. Saptagiri gets the constable job and struggles to fit into it. In the mean time he gets to know about a dark secret behind his father's death and wants to take revenge against the people that are responsible for it.


Saptagiri is in his elements despite a few unnecessary elements that are forced into the script. He should have focused more on the comedy rather banking upon commercial aspects. Roshni is alright as the female lead. Posani Krishna Murali is his usual self as the evil policeman. Shakalaka Shankar with his Srikakulam dialect provides ample support to Saptagiri throughout the film. Ali made a cameo appearance and Sayaji Shinde played a supporting role.


Arun Pawar did the best he could do with a lackluster script. His direction is fine, but he should have taken care about the screenplay. Director seems to have given it up totally during the second half as the film completely goes off track and never tries to redeem itself at any point of time.

Bulganin's music is pretty ordinary. None of the songs are catchy, but they are shot in exotic foreign locales. Cinematography is decent. Production values are commendable. Editor might have gone through the ordeal of putting those disjointed scenes in order.

Thumbs Up:

Comedy in bits and pieces

Thumbs Down:



Lack of comedy

Pretty bad second half


Saptagiri Express looks messy at the start with disjointed scenes that doesn't make sense at all. Saptagiri's monologue as Parashurama doesn't really set the tone for the film. We expect the film to be a fun ride, but surprisingly it makes us wait for comedy bits in between nonsensical scenes. Even Saptagiri's romance with Roshni is dull and pale and doesn't add any value to the proceedings.

The film looks pointless until the hero's father gets killed. Then it is pretty clear that Saptagiri will eventually avenge the death of his father. Saptagiri takes comedy route to seek revenge but those scenes are badly conceived. One should have a very bad sense of humor to enjoy those jokes. Even kids wouldn't find them funny.

We expect quality humor with Saptagiri in the driving seat. Instead we keep wondering how such a silly and stupid scene made into the final draft. Not even one episode in the entire revenge saga was able to deliver decent laughs. Some scenes are outright ridiculous and so below the belt. For example, hero sends a gang of gay people to rape a rapist. One of the gays is a midget! Come on, really? Hero goes on an arm-chopping spree to put a check to the chain snatchers. Funny, ain't it?  

Saptagiri Express is full of such ridiculous scenes that try hard to make us laugh. All we could do is feel pity for the actors for being a part of such an appalling film.

Verdict: Terrible, terrible mess.

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