Jyo Achyutananda

| | 2016-09-09

Nara Rohit, Naga Shourya, Regina, Seetha, Sashank and Others

Director - Srinivas Avasarala
Producer - Rajani Korrapati
Banner - Varahi Chalanachitram
Music - Kalyani Malik

Comedian turned director Srinivas Avasarala has proved his mettle with Oohalu Gusagusalade. He took some time to come up with his second film as a director and he has made it very clear that he is not a one film wonder. Jyo Achyutananda is a breezy entertainer with many laugh out loud moments. The endearing bromance between Rohit and Shourya will surely impress people that love to watch clean comedy.

What is it about?

Achyuth (Nara Rohit) and Anand (Naga Shourya) are brothers who fall in love with Jyotsna aka Jyo (Regina). In the process of impressing her they cheat each other. However Jyo rejects both of them and goes to America to pursue higher studies. They both get married and settled in life but the differences cropped up between the brothers stay. Jyo comes back after three years and things turn spicy once again.


It is a welcome change to see Nara Rohit in an entertaining character. He is at ease as Achyuth. He needs to shed a few kilos as he is looking odd at times. Shourya on the other hand is strikingly handsome and is very impressive as Anand. His chemistry with Rohit is very good. Regina is a fine actress and has once again proved her skills as Jyo. Seetha adds weight to the emotional factor. Sashank and Chaitanya Krishna are okay. Nani did a cameo.


Srinivas Avasarala has a brilliant sense of humor and he is a terrific writer. He has put his talent at display in Oohalu Gusagusalade which is getting better with each viewing. Jyo Achyutananda is another classy entertainer from the director who certainly leaves a stamp on the audience. He keeps it simple and creates humor in a very unique way. We can expect many more classy comedies from him.

Kalyani Malik's music is in tune with the proceedings. Songs are pleasant on the ears. Background score is impressive. Cinematography is neat without anything flashy about it. Editing is good. Producer Sai Korrapati should be lauded for the subjects he is picking. This is yet another memorable film from Vaarahi.

Thumbs Up:



Rohit and Shourya as brothers

First half


Thumbs Down:

Second half drags

Slow pace


Jyo Achyutananda has impressed with its trailer and the film delivers exactly what it promises. Srinivas Avasarala narrates the triangle romance between two brothers and a girl in a very interesting fashion. Srinivas's brilliant screenplay draws us into the proceedings and the comedy in every dialogue keeps us entertained.

First half just breezes off despite the slow pace. Tom and Jerry kind of quarrels between the brothers is fun to watch. Although the setup is simple, Srinivas's screenplay makes it unpredictable. The freshness in narration and the splendid humor makes us yearn for more in the second half.

Srinivas Avasarala narrated the first half with great command over the script, but he has slipped a bit during the second half. The story refuses to move forward in spite of reintroducing Regina's character. There is a bit of confusion and laziness at a point and it only gets back on track during the pre climax. Ending is good with emotions taking the front seat.

Jyo Achyutananda could have been a groundbreaking film if Srinivas didn't head into the routine format after starting it off in a novel way. Nonetheless Jyo Achyutananda is a good entertainer with many laughs and well pictured emotions. It may not appeal to the tastes of B and C center audiences that prefer masala over content. It will definitely impress the urban audience and should be a winner at the box office.

Verdict: Jyo Achyutananda is so much fun.