| | 2016-02-05

Bellamkonda Srinivas, Sonarika, Kabir, Srinivasa Reddy and Others

Director - Bheemaneni Srinivas Raavu
Producer - Bheemaneni Suneetha
Banner - Goodwill Cinema
Music - Vasanth

Speedunnodu is a remake of Tamil hit Sundarapandian. Bellamkonda Srinivas who made a successful debut with Alludu Sreenu played the lead role in this film directed by Bheemaneni Srinivas Rao.

What is it about?

Sobhan (Srinivas) gives a lot of importance to his friends. He tries to help his friend who is in love with Vasanthi (Sonarika). She falls for Sobhan instead of his friend, but Vasanthi's father doesn't approve her love. She gets engaged to another person (Kabir). Sobhan accidentally kills a guy while he tries to attack her with acid. Friends of Sobhan turn foes in a series of events and plan to kill him. Remaining story is about how Sobhan wins his love against all the odds.


Bellamkonda Srinivas is good in the lead role. He displayed a lot of confidence and is pretty impressive with his dances and fights. Sonarika is okay looks wise but she needs to hone her acting skills. Prakash Raj is seen in a brief yet effective role. Rao Ramesh is decent. Kabir's character is badly written. Srinivasa Reddy provides humor. Madhunandan, Satya, Posani, Ali and others have done their part.


Bheemaneni Srinivas Rao mastered the art of remaking hit movies. He has very good success rate compared to others in this aspect. But somehow he hasn't got the soul of Sundarapandian right. Direction is pretty average and doesn't make an impact. We expect more out of the director who has scored big with his last film Sudigadu.

Music is passable. Bellamkonda Srinivas dances made the songs watchable. Cinematography is neat. Editing could have been crisp. Production values are just okay.

Thumbs Up:



Thumbs Down:

Second half

Old story



Speedunnodu is a film about friendship and love. The story has some unexpected twists and turns. It could have been intriguing had the director got the treatment right. All the twists and turns were not brought on to the screen in an effective way. Bheemaneni Srinivas Rao should have opted to make it in a natural way than infusing unnecessary commercial elements.

First half is passable because of comedy even if the movie looked like it was made in nineties. Second half turns serious but fails to connect the audience emotionally. Characters are badly written that we neither root for nor sympathize with them. The movie is certainly lost in translation as the director failed to gets its soul right.
Speedunnodu seems okay until the interval point with some laugh out loud moments. However the romantic track it is too predictable to keep us glued. Climax is different from usual but couldn't make the desired impact. Speedunnodu has its moments but fails to entertain or engage on a whole.

Verdict: Caution! Speed-breaker ahead.