Express Raja

| | 2016-01-14

Sharvanand, Surabhi, Prabhas Srinu, Saptagiri and Others

Director - Merlapaka Gandhi
Producer - Vamsi, Pramod
Banner - UV Creations
Music - Praveen

Express Raja makers surprised one and all by pitching it against big films for this Pongal. The confidence shown by the makers and the impressive trailers has created a buzz for this film. Merlapaka Gandhi who made an entertaining film Venkatadri Express teamed up with Sharvanand for Express Raja. Let's see if they have succeeded in delivering a decent entertainer.

What is it about?

Raja (Sharvanand) and his uncle (Prabhas Srinu) are happy go lucky type characters. Raja falls in love with Amulya (Surabhi) whose marriage is fixed with Keshav Reddy. Raja is chased by few rowdies as he snatches a dog for the sake of his love. He is not aware of the diamond hidden in its dog collar. Rest of the movie is about how Raja gets everything right including his love and family.


Sharvanand character reminds us of Run Raja Run. He is energetic and enthusiastic in the lead role. He puts his comic timing to good use. Surabhi is okay as the female lead. Prabhas Srinu got a full length character and he did well. Saptagiri is hilarious. Urvashi is irritating. Shakalaka Shankar entertains. Dhanraj's character is used well. Harish is good as the baddie. All the characters have purpose and everyone did a good job in their respective roles.


Merlapaka Gandhi proves that he is not a one film wonder. He has very good grip over comedy. He used a brilliant screenplay technique to narrate this simple story in an effective way. Gandhi is here to stay. Music by Praveen is peppy and appealing. Dialogues are very funny in many scenes. Cinematography is brilliant. Editing is neat. Production values are commendable.

Thumbs Up:




Thumbs Down:

Limited appeal

Gets Repetitive in second hour


Express Raja lives up to the promise it has shown. It is an entertaining ride right from the word go. The storyline is very thin but the director is clever enough to make it an entertaining movie. He opted for a very different narrative style that offers variety as well as provides ample fun. Express Raja is for the viewers that look for different comedy.

The movie appears pointless until the second perspective of the first kidnap scene was shown. Director has cleverly used one scene as a plot device and introduced various characters into the film that makes it interesting. A dog, a diamond and a runaway bride along with a truckload of comedy characters helps Express Raja work for the most part.

There is a point where it seems the director is stretching it too far. Actors have saved the day whenever the director seems to lose it. Despite having its share of problems Express Raja will entertain the viewers on a regular basis. It is worth a watch just for its fun quotient. Express Raja has the power to stand against the Pongal biggies. It is more of an A centers cinema that will have a good run at the plexes.

Verdict: Impressive Raja.

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