| | 2016-01-14

Balakrishna, Anjali, Sonal Chauhan and Others

Director - Sriwass
Producer - Eros International
Banner - Vedaashwa Creations
Music - SS Thaman

Dictator is Balakrishna's 99th film. The veteran superstar is one film away from reaching a landmark. Dictator caught the attention of Balakrishna fans with colorful promos and posters. Clash with Nannaku Prematho made it even more interesting as the team has shown tremendous confidence in the product. Did Sriwass pull off another Loukyam with Dictator? Can this be another Legend for Balakrishna?

What is it about?

Chandrasekhar Dharma (Balakrishna) is one of the biggest entrepreneurs in India. He locks horns with a powerful lady Mahima Roy (Rati Agnihotri) who is responsible for killing the father figure of Chandrasekhar. His wife Katyayani (Anjali) gets stabbed by Mahima's men. On his wife's request Chandrasekhar leaves Delhi and changes his identity to live as a common man. But the past comes haunting back at him.



Balakrishna is particularly stunning in the getup of a rich man. This is certainly his best look in recent times. He is so good in those blazers and shades. On the performance front Dictator doesn't offer anything new to the vastly experienced actor. He did his best to keep the flow going but the script is too weak for him to totally rescuing it.  

Anjali and Others:

Anjali enters only in the second half of the film. She did alright. Sonal Chauhan adds glamour to the proceedings. Senior actress Rati Agnihotri is just okay. Suman is good and so is Nasser. Aksha is seen in a brief yet important role. Pruthvi's comedy didn't click. For a change he didn't do any spoofs in this film and couldn't make an impact with regular comedy. Vennela Kishore and Shakalaka Shankar too failed due to poorly written characters.



Sriwass has proved his capabilities as a director with films like Lakshyam and Loukyam. He has good grip over the commercial elements and has put it to good use for Dictator. It is not an easy task to make a mass movie with Balakrishna as the actor has done some extraordinary movies in this genre. Sriwass's direction is decent on a whole.

Music and Others:

Thaman has scored some peppy numbers for the movie. Andhra Telangana, Ganesha and Chura chura songs are good on screen. Background score is strictly average. Dialogue by Ratnam is good in parts. Kona Venkat and Gopi Mohan have did an okay job with the screenplay. Cinematography is very good. Editing is not impressive. The runtime of the movie should have been cut down by ten to fifteen minutes. Production values are rich. The film is made on a grand scale.

Thumbs Up:


Few Punch Dialogues


Mass scenes

Thumbs Down:

Routine Script

Dictator follows the routine template of many Balakrishna films. Hero's true identity is hidden in the first half and revealed at the interval point. Later we get to see his real self in the flashback. It is the staple for Balakrishna's movies and despite knowing that he has done so many movies with similar script, Sriwass and his team of writers couldn't come up with something fresh.           

One would expect hilarious comedy from the director who has entertained us thoroughly with his Loukyam. Sriwass and the writers team have done an okay job on the comedy front. It is surprising to see such ordinary stuff from the ace writers who were on a successful streak for a very long time. Balakrishna's ferocious performance in some powerful mass scenes will enthrall fans.

Post interval portions raise some hopes but the movie loses steam after that but the climax is good. Weak villains made it an ordeal as there is no scope for elevating heroism which holds key for any Balakrishna's movie. Everything is predictable but the mass elements make it a watchable fare. Balakrishna fans and masses may enjoy few dialogues and other stuff from their favorite hero. Others may find it a bit dated. On a whole Dictator is a decent mass entertainer for the genre lovers.

Verdict: Dictator will rule.