| | 2015-12-17

Varun Tej, Disha Patani, Posani, Revathi and Others

Director - Puri Jagannadh
Producer - C Kalyan
Banner - CK Entertainments Pvt. Ltd.
Music - Sunil Kashyap

Varun Tej made an impression as an actor and with his choice of films with Kanche. After trying out two different films in his first two attempts, Varun chooses to do a mass movie with Puri Jagannadh.

What is it about?

Raja (Varun) is separated from his mother as a toddler. He is brought by his father Murali (Posani) who is a loafer. Raja turns out to be a thief and makes a living by doing cons. He falls in love with Mouni (Disha) who runs away and comes to Jodhpur as her father and brothers fixes her marriage with a middle aged man. Mouni's aunt Lakshmi (Revathi) comes to Jodhpur when she gets to know about her love. Raja is shocked to see Lakshmi as his father told that his mother is dead. Now Raja goes to solve Mouni's problems and also win back his mother's love.

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This is totally different character for Varun Tej who played soft characters in his previous two films. He is at ease in bringing Puri's character to life. He is very impressive in the emotional scenes with his mother. He proved that he can pull off any character be it mass or class. Disha Patani is just okay. This lanky actress is good in songs but should learn a thing or two about acting.

Posani Krishnamurali is good in the role that is tailor made for him. Revathi is a fine actress. Puri Jagannadh should have written better scenes for her. Mukesh Rushi is alright. Ali's comedy doesn't work. So does Brahmi's cameo. Actors who played the sons of Mukesh Rushi (Ramcharandeep surneni as elder son) were over the top.


Puri Jagannadh is getting repetitive with his stories. He has been repeatedly weaving stories around mother - son drama. The plot is okay but the screenplay is pretty bad. Puri Jagannadh fails as a director to get the emotions right. His dialogues are impressive but the same cannot be said about the script and direction.

Music scored by Sunil Kashyap is loud. Except for the mother song none of the songs are appealing. Background score is mediocre. Cinematography is okay. The film seems like it was made on a budget and there is not much to rave about the quality.

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Thumbs Up:

Varun Tej

Thumbs Down:





Loafer is hugely predictable right from the word go. Puri Jagannadh didn't take much pain in writing an interesting screenplay. There are hardly any twists and turns. First half of the movie goes aimless as if the director is just passing time to put the intermission card. Second is slightly better as the hero takes on villains in typical Puri style.

Mother and son drama is the core element for this film but Puri Jagannadh messed it up with a very bad screenplay. There is not a single heart touching moment in the movie despite the mother sentiment. Not even the big reveal to the mother about her lost son works as the scene is badly conceived.

Loafer is a casual film targeted at the frontbenchers. There is not much thought put into the script or the making. Only Varun Tej's performance is the best thing about it. This will help other directors to come up with mass characters for the actor. He can easily slip into the shoes of any character and Loafer is just a show reel for him. Like most of the recent Puri's movies Loafer is a below average film that can be watched on TV to kill the time.

Verdict: Puri Ja'gun' Fails To Fire.

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